A cat jumps from a fifth floor and lives to tell the tale

International | May 14, 2021 – 20:05 A cat jumped from a burning apartment on a fifth floor in the United States and was unharmed. A video recorded this feline adventure. Felines are usually very bold and a catdemonstrated his gallantry in reckless action and survived to be told in the USA. It is about … Read more

OM-Angers: concrete 5th place while waiting for the revolution – Season

This Sunday (9 p.m., C8), OM is welcoming Angers at the Vélodrome for a match that could pay off big, on the condition of obviously offering something other than the last performances against Strasbourg (1-1) or Saint-Etienne (0-1). Indeed, the Olympians have a golden opportunity to keep their fifth place, and even make the hole … Read more

Baron Samedi isn’t giving up! I PARIS TURF

Baron Samedi After having launched hostilities early, upon exiting the final bend, Baron Samedi was extremely hard in the effort and was able to push back to the end the attack on Mare Australis, under the rider of the French jockey, Mickaël Barzalona. We were able to witness a great fight during this first highlight … Read more

The closing that was not (for Lakers) | NBA

Another ending with a thousand beats thinking about what could be the definition of the season. Lakers got their hands on the championship-winning shot, but Heat dodged the bullet and everything would continue in a sixth game. Green didn’t score, although the Lakers had a second chance that they blew worse. Let’s analyze what happened. … Read more

Prix ​​d’Egletons: Family Queen wins against a remarkable Flaya Kalouma

Quinté – Prix d’Egletons: With several hours late and a change of racetrack, this Monday’s Quinté was finally able to deliver its verdict with the victory of Franck Nivard and Family Queen who came to take the best of a Flaya Kalouma having considerably complicated the task in this price of Egletons. Quinté – Prix … Read more

Machine gun fire: fifth violent incident in four days in Antwerp

Shots were fired at a house on Monday evening. DThe shots were fired on Monday evening at a house on the Gryspeerstraat in Deurne (Antwerp). The house is located right next to an old pharmacy which was the target of a grenade on Sunday, probably by mistake, since it is the house which was probably … Read more