Exceptional discovery in Chartres of a carved wooden ceiling dating from Roman Gaul

The city of Chartres is renowned for its grandiose cathedral. However, it would be a shame to reduce its history to this monument because it also houses archaeological remains that rival those of Herculaneum, in Italy. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Archeology: the bodies of two men excavated north of Pompeii Excavations carried […]

Wildlife under threat of fire

>> The fire in northern Morocco “totally mastered”, according to the authorities >> The worst fire in Cyprus brought under control after two days of fighting the flames A fire in the Greek island of Evia. Photo: Xinhua/VNA/CVN “Globally, man-made fires compromise the survival of wildlife, killed or injured by direct contact with smoke and […]

car destroyed by fire, the flames also damage other parked cars

L.N. August 24, 2021 10:03 A car was set on fire in the night between 23 and 24 August San Basilio, in via Cagli. The flames, which broke out due to accidental causes, started around one thirty. On site the firefighters and carabinieri. The car, a Toyota Aygo, belonged to a Roman girl and was […]

A fire on the island of Rhodes got out of hand

The heat wave in Greece is not over. Aug 2, 2021 at 8:22 am TASR ATHENS. The heat wave in Greece is not over. On Mondays and throughout the week, temperatures can be expected to exceed 44 degrees Celsius, according to the local meteorological service. Due to the extreme drought and strong wind, a large-scale […]

Trains suspended due to fires: hundreds of tourists stuck in Lecce station

Discomfort and complaints for about 200 passengers in the Lecce railway station after the cancellation of trains departing towards the north due to two major fires, one near Bari and the second in Pescara. The most critical issues concerned the many tourists returning from their holidays in Salento. The inconveniences began on the evening of […]

California fires: why are there so many?

The California fires already devastating this 2021 more than 160,000 hectares of land, spreading unstoppably through its forests and mountains. On balance, they are already 5,500 active fires those that have been registered in several states in the western United States so far in 2021, with more than ten of them in distress due to […]

The American West is burning at an alarming rate

California, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho … none of these states is spared by the fires that are currently devastating some 350,000 hectares of vegetation, according to the latest report from the authorities. The fire season has only just begun, but hundreds of thousands of acres are already going up in smoke: the western United States and […]

Heat wave: Forest fires blaze in Canada

Heat wave: Forest fires blaze in Canada Heat wave: Forest fires blaze in Canada Heat wave: Forest fires blaze in Canada Thu, 01.07.2021, 13.45 Several forest fires have broken out in Canada and the United States. Because of the record temperatures, the fear of further heat deaths is growing. show description .