Symptoms: What is the difference between a cold, flu, RS virus and corona?

Rewrite this content Influenza, Corona and RSV in comparison When it comes to the question “flu, RS virus or corona”, only a test can provide definitive certainty. While at the beginning of the pandemic a loss of taste and smell were still a clear sign of illness with Covid-19, it is now difficult to make […]

Epidemiologist: “Congestions from transport, kindergartens and schools favor the transmission of respiratory infections”

Rewrite this content Specialists explain the return to the situation before the Covid-19 pandemic by the fact that people have stopped complying with preventive measures: wearing a mask, washing hands and maintaining social distance. Europa Liberă spoke with the epidemiologist Angela Paraschiv, head of the Epidemiology discipline at the “Nicolae Testemițanu” University of Medicine and […]

Immune system: First contact with corona affects immunity

Rewrite this content So what does this mean for our current vaccines? Rosemary Boyton emphasizes that they are “brilliant” at protecting against difficult courses. However, now that most people already have immune protection, scientists should focus on finding vaccines that can overcome imprinting. This is the only way to stop the spread of the virus […]

Avian flu: no less than 29 outbreaks recorded in Belgium in 2022

The Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (Afsca) identified 18 outbreaks in commercial poultry farms, 1 outbreak in an animal park, 10 among amateur breeders, and 220 infected wild birds across the country in 2022. Wild ducks, geese, and gulls were particularly affected, with nearly 40 infected raptors also found. “In addition, […]

Fewer people with flu, but epidemic not over yet

Epidemic ANP NOS News•Wednesday, 4:18 PM The number of people with flu was lower last week than in the week before. Per 100,000 inhabitants, 65 visited the GP due to flu-like complaints, according to figures from the Nivel research institute. A week earlier, there were still 103 per 100,000 inhabitants. The number of GP visits […]

Corona: What are typical symptoms of an infection with the corona virus?

Which: RKI (Stand: 23.11.2021) Covid-19: how does the disease progress? The course of the disease varies greatly. Asymptomatic infections through to severe pneumonia with lung failure and death can occur. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), around every 200th person in Germany for whom a confirmed corona infection was reported died in connection with […]

Going to the amusement park with a fever

December 14, 2022 at 9:30 am Bury my heart in Wuppertal : Wuppertal column: With fever in the amusement park Uwe Becker is editor-in-chief of the Wuppertal satirical magazine Italy and contributor to the Frankfurt satirical magazine Titanic. Every Wednesday he writes in the WZ about his Wuppertal. Photo: Joachim Schmitz Wuppertal According to his […]

Vendee. Avian flu: “preventive depopulation” in progress to curb the virus

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what are the differences with the flu?

Winter is approaching and temperatures are dropping, which favors the circulation of viruses such as the flu or Covid-19. Health authorities are also worried about a new wave of coronavirus, whose indicators are rising sharply, while the flu epidemic is early this year. If you are infected with one of these viruses, the first symptoms […]

Researchers are working on mRNA vaccine against all influenza viruses – world

3.12.2022 07:00 (Akt. 3.12.2022 13:51) The mRNA technology should make completely new vaccines possible. © (Subject) Scientists have shown for the first time that an mRNA vaccine induces an immune response against all influenza A and B viruses in mice and ferrets and provides protection. Scott Hensley, Professor of Microbiology at the Perelman School of […]