the 2nd phase of the “Minore” project is underway

LECCE – Despite and beyond the health emergency from Covid-19, the activities of the project continue “Minor“Of the ASL of Lecce. The project is aimed at monitoring the health of the water table, the soil and the food matrix, with particular attention to potentially dangerous places, such as landfills. The Director of the Prevention Department, […]

Nutrition: Tips to know what to eat according to your age – People – Culture

Héctor Fabio Zamora. TIME According to Molina, there are some ‘superfoods’ that, although they do not work for everyone, they can provide great benefits to most people. “One of them, which we all love, is chocolate. It has theobromine, which is a powerful antioxidant. Other highly antioxidant elements are fruits and vegetables. There are different […]

With or without a pandemic, hunger is the same

He also searches for the ‘daily bread’, when it reaches him, selling desserts and jellies on the street. “But not every time, because it is difficult for me to go out alone because of my vision problem.” So when he has he eats rice and meat or chicken, but other times he eats rice and […]

Diet with good carbohydrates: which ones to choose to lose weight and stay fit

The 7 foods with carbohydrates that make you lose weight Carbohydrates yes or carbohydrates no? Opinion is divided when it comes to this topic: there are those who believe that they should be banned because they are responsible for health problems such as diabetes and obesity, and those who instead support their important role for […]

Menopause, a second spring for women

Feeling excessive heat in the body and gaining weight were some symptoms that made Nasiris Gutiérrez think that something strange was happening to him. He was 37 at the time, so he didn’t think it was about the decline in his reproductive hormones. However, he says, the hot spot increased in the morning and the […]

The vegan diet. Bring health to the table

It is increasingly in increase the number of people who have chosen a vegetarian diet, especially in its 100% vegetable (vegan) variant, as a lifestyle. There vegan diet it is based exclusively on foods of plant origin, which must be consumed in a varied way and better if in shape whole wheat or semi-wholemeal: cereals, […]

‘Latin America, the most expensive region to buy nutritious food’ | International

Against food poverty due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to transform food systems, something difficult in Latin America for being the most expensive region in the world to purchase nutritious food, said Lina Pohl, FAO representative in Mexico. Read: (Nobel Peace Prize for the World Food Program) The latest FAO report on the […]

Diet to protect the heart: reduce cholesterol and lose weight

Cholesterol and high blood pressure: 3 foods that keep them at bay Adopt a varied and balanced diet, combined with regular exercise, is the first fundamental step to stay healthy and prevent many diseases, including heart disease. In particular, there are several foods that protect the heart by affecting key factors such as blood pressure, […]

Edamame, the beneficial effects even in menopause

The 9 foods rich in vegetable proteins against blood sugar and cancer Among the symbols of Asian cuisine, the edamame, i.e. soybeans, are a food full of important health benefits. Entering into the heart of their nutritional profile, you can first notice the richness in water (in one hectogram of edamame, in fact, we can […]