“Ideal start” (September 21, 2023) – Dynamo Kyiv from Shurik

Become a member of the fan zone and receive special privileges! Ad-free site In the fan zone you will not be bothered by ubiquitous advertising blocks. Fan zone participants will receive the site without any advertising. Special highlighting of blogs and comments Blogs and comments of fan zone participants are visually distinguished from ordinary ones […]

Maurice Steijn responds to a question about the future with six clear words

Maurice Steijn sees himself remaining coach of Ajax. The crisis situation surrounding the club also makes his job uncertain, but in conversation with Cristian Willaert van ESPN he shows that he is not worried about being fired. Article continues below video When asked, Steijn said he spoke with general manager Jan van Halst on Wednesday […]

WWE Invites Cristiano Ronaldo for Crown Jewel Event in Saudi Arabia

Football and wrestling are not worlds that usually mix too much, but information has recently emerged that could lead to both meeting at an event. Through a YouTube video, The renowned wrestling commentator Hugo Savinovich confirmed through his sources that WWE has as a priority that Cristiano Ronaldo be present at the Premium Live Event […]

‘You could have wrung Wilders’ neck tonight’

ESPN reporter Hans Kraay junior does not understand why Pieter Omtzigt (NSC) does not dare to say that he rules out a collaboration with Geert Wilders (PVV). Omtzigt indicated that he did not see it happening anytime soon that he would join Wilders in government, but Kraay believes that the politician should close the door […]