Coronavirus. Restrictions regain force around the world

Checks of travelers in Europe, restrictions for foreign students in the United States, wearing of compulsory masks: health measures against the epidemic of new coronavirus are resuming force as WHO worries about Europe and cases are increasing in the Americas. In the United States, the most bereaved country with 145,000 deaths linked to Covid-19, more […]

Adama Ka’s 13-year-old grandmother brought to the prosecution

Forced marriage followed by suicide in Yang-Yang: Adama Ka’s 13-year-old grandmother brought to the prosecution The investigation into the death by hanging of Adama Ka, a minor girl aged 13 and a pupil in the 6th grade at Cem de Mboula (department of Linguère) is making great strides. Indeed, the Yang-Yang gendarmerie arrested last Tuesday […]

friends of Mikhail Efremov talked about his personal life

The story of the fatal accident Mikhail Efremov revealed his secret affair with the actress of the Sovremennik Theater Daria Belousova. Immediately after the accident, the artist did not go to his home, but to her apartment on Chistye Prudy, from where the police took him. Now Efremov is sitting under house arrest in his […]

Arrests begin in Hong Kong under new Chinese security law

In Hong Kong on June 30, on the eve of the 23rd anniversary of the transfer of autonomy from Great Britain to China, the national security law developed by the Chinese authorities entered into force. Speaking at the Chinese flag-raising ceremony on July 1, Hong Kong’s head of government, Carrie Lam, called its entry into […]

European Union reopens its borders to tourists from 15 countries

The European Union reopened its borders on Wednesday to visitors from 15 countries, although not to the United States, where deaths from coronavirus continue to rise, as also occurs in part of Latin America. The final list of countries safe enough to allow its residents to enter the EU does not include the United Kingdom, […]

two measures in effect today, here are the people authorized to travel

Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 5:06 p.m. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Philippe Goffin (MR), gave an update on travel outside the European Union. “Following the adoption on June 30 of the European recommendation which authorizes the gradual lifting of restrictions on non-essential travel from around fifteen countries outside the European Union, Belgium […]