Totalcar – Magazine – My 5 favorite Jaguars

Ford Transit with Jaguar XJ220 engine The XJ220 would have been Jaguar’s poster car for the nineties, and they didn’t just want to impress Porsche 959 or Ferrari F40 buyers with design. Keith Helfet packed the V12 engine and all-wheel drive into a polished gravel after the angular eighties, which opened the wallets of many […]

Test: Ford E-Transit 2022

With an E-Transit of this size, you can get by quite well in the city. With an E-Transit of this size, you can get by quite well in the city. Share a photo: The Ford E-Transit looks like its diesel counterparts. The Ford E-Transit looks like its diesel counterparts. Share a photo: Share a photo: […]

The new Ford Mustang retains its gasoline engines

In the age of electric vehicles, Ford is not ready to give up the powerful gasoline engines, which have been essential to the appeal of its sports car, the Mustang. Ford just introduced its seventh-generation Mustang sports car at the Detroit Auto Show. The automaker said the new model will stick with gasoline engines, a […]

Ford Mustang 2023 World Premiere | Drive

If we didn’t see the horse emblem running through the radiator grille, it wouldn’t take a special talent to identify the seventh generation of the Ford Mustang. Here’s everything you want to know about the new Mustang Share a photo: Share a photo: Share a photo: Share a photo: Share a photo: Share a photo: […]

Hunting for the Second Gen Ford Escape, many more SUVs, priced at this price

Doc. AUTOMOTIVE Second generation Ford Escape – For those who want to buy a Medium SUV, especially from the United States, the second generation Ford Escape can be an attractive choice. The Ford Escape was first sold by PT Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI) in 2002 and was imported as a complete or Completely Built […]

RAM takes its cues from the new Raptor R. It reminds you who has more power

After many years, the Ford F-150 Raptor finally returns with a V8 engine, but even that did not secure its position as the most powerful pickup on the market. When the Ford automaker was about to introduce the new Ford F-150 Raptor R, it boasted a new promotional slogan “Scary Fast.” We all already knew […]

There is a new king of pickups

The F-150 Raptor started a huge trend in the pickup market: ever since Ford created its high-performance, sporty platform, not only the competitors but also the tuning workshops have been presenting their models with a similar design. Apparently, Ford is now tired of bidding and has played its trump card: the Raptor Rt, which is […]

Review of the new Ford Everest, pleasing the family: PPTVHD36

Ford Everest new generation (Next-Generation Ford Everest) The exterior design looks quite different from the previous version. Especially the various rounds that have disappeared and are replaced by sharp edges. Full range of options and technologies It makes it easier for those who drive a large SUV like this instantly. Driving off-road is more fun, […]