Ford Vietnam: bringing new technology and sustainable benefits to customers

Enhance your position with new generation products In 2022, Ford Vietnam achieved many high achievements in sales and service after the pandemic and global economic challenges. In 2022 alone, Ford Vietnam successfully launched 5 new products, despite economic and supply challenges after the pandemic. This is the first time in history that Ford Vietnam has […]

Ford Ranger Raptor 3.0 EcoBoost off-road pick-up test

Cars don’t have a face, but if the Ford Ranger Raptor did have one, it would be bearded, wickedly scowling, and with a penetrating gaze, the question would be clearly readable: “Are you staring at me?!” a muscle man who will not let any obstacle stop him and will complete his task at any cost. […]

House for sale in online auction

Sort by: Best resultPrice (lowest first)Price (highest first)Closest to meEnds soonestEnds laterYear (most recent first) Compare up to 6 items Sort by: Best resultPrice (lowest first)Price (highest first)Closest to meEnds soonestEnds laterYear (most recent first) Con IronClad Assurance Meter: 3,033 hrs British Columbia (Dist: 2,300 mi) highest current offer CAD 30.000 (20.315 €) Compare Con […]

On the run: Patent for autonomous vehicle repatriation of defaulting borrowers

Cars in particular are often financed by credit. If there are significant payment arrears or even defaults, the buyer or the financing bank would like to secure the vehicle before it disappears somewhere. Advertisement In general, confiscations are reserved for the bailiff. In the USA, things are different: there, the cheated seller can also take […]

First time behind the wheel of the American off-roader Ford Bronco

The engine roars, mud flows over the hood, the wheels spin helplessly, and mud sprays from the wheel arches high up and back onto the entire body. No more gas or turning the steering wheel side to side in a desperate attempt to find at least some traction for the off-road tires to lean on […]

Ford Mustang GTD 2025 | vecess

Ford predicts a lap time faster than seven minutes for its new sports flagship at the Nürburgring – very few cars with license plates can do this, and even those are homologation copies of racing cars, pleasure-seeking structures intended for special customers. The Ford Mustang GTD is now trying to break into this exclusive team, […]

In the best Barbie style: the car that Kourtney Kardashian wore

La modelo Kourtney Kardashian. August 16, 2023 · 1:27 pm She was born into arguably America’s best-known family, which created its own reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. We are talking about Kourtney Kardashianthe television figure and businesswoman, who is waiting for her baby with her husband, musician Travis Barker. And something they both […]