Germany and the USA are ‘close friends’

WASHINGTON After severe German-American turbulence in recent years, US President Joe Biden and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) have made a clear commitment to the transatlantic partnership. “We are not just allies and partners, we are nations that are close friends,” said Merkel on Thursday in Washington after a detailed conversation with Biden. He presented the […]

US imposes measures on companies in China

WASHINGTON The US government has blacklisted numerous companies in China on charges of suppressing the Uyghur Muslim minority. According to Washington, 14 companies based in China have supported human rights violations against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang and other minorities, the US Department of Commerce announced on Friday. A total of 34 companies were put on […]

After Brexit: Great Britain wants to accelerate state aid

Vauxhall-Fabrik in Ellesmere Port Negotiations for government support are ongoing. (Photo: AFP) London Great Britain wants to accelerate state aid distribution after Brexit. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative government announced a new national subsidy oversight on Wednesday. This should work under the premise that state aid is generally allowed. You use the “newly won freedom” […]

Current account deficit lower than expected

In addition, the deficit for the final quarter of 2020 has been revised downwards. Accordingly, there was only a deficit of $ 175.1 billion in the current account in the months of October to December, after a deficit of $ 188.5 billion had previously been reported. The current account represents the economic exchange between the […]

Foreign trade global 1st quarter 2021

Archive picture © Martina Nöstler Germany consolidates fourth export position in the first quarter An article by Gerd Ebner | 23.06.2021 – 10:18 In the first quarter, Germany consolidated its fourth place among the large coniferous sawn timber exporting nations. The podium with Canada, Russia and Sweden remains unchanged. .

Nuevo Laredo surpasses New York, Los Angeles and Houston in exports

Victor Hugo Duran Tampico / 22.06.2021 19:56:09 Nuevo Laredo is the port of export most important in the world, by surpassing New York, Los Angeles (Long Beach), Houston Y Chicago on foreign trade with 300 billion dollarsHowever, it needs to meet the conditions in a good government as well as in infrastructure to increase its […]

Why China has difficulties with its own semiconductors

Beijing, Munich The Chinese start-up Enflame has made a lightning climb. It was only in March 2018 that engineers Zhao Lidong and Zhang Yalin founded the company that manufactures high-performance chips for the development of artificial intelligence. Just a few months later, the founders collected investments amounting to the equivalent of 44 million euros, a […]

There can only be fair competition with China

US President Joe Biden at the transatlantic summit in Brussels The fact that an agreement is suddenly possible after so many years has more to do with the new threat from the East than with the adversaries’ insight. (Foto: Bloomberg) It took more than 17 years, trade flows worth 11.5 billion dollars were punished with punitive […]

Brexit disrupts trade between the UK and the European Union

Trade in UK faces unprecedented challenges. In 2020, the pandemic caused a sharp drop in internal and external demand, travel restrictions and interruptions in border flows coinciding with a time of growing uncertainty around the future commercial relationship with the European Union. The Trade and Cooperation Agreement signed in the last hours of 2020 improved […]

Germany and Australia sign hydrogen agreements

hydrogen Germany and Australia have signed a trade agreement for hydrogen. (Photo: dpa) Germany and Australia have signed an agreement to establish a trading relationship based on renewable energies. Economy Minister Peter Altmaier and Education and Research Minister Anja Karliczek signed a letter of intent with the Australian Minister for Energy and Emission Reduction, Angus […]