Two Afghan children aged 5 and 6 died, their sister saved

Editorial board 04 September 2021 13:26 Two Afghan children, who fled with their family from Kabul, died in Poland after eating poisonous mushrooms found in a forest near the refugee center in Podkova Lisna, a town not far from Warsaw, where they were observing a period of quarantine. It is not clear who physically collected […]

Covid-19. Israel reopens to foreign tourist groups

After a month’s hiatus due to a new wave of Covid-19 contamination, Israel will reopen its doors from September 19 to groups of foreign tourists, authorities said on Sunday. On the strength of an intense vaccination campaign in the winter, the Hebrew state had deconfined most of its economy in the spring and in May […]

Health adrift moral • Imola Today

by Adriano Segatori – Once there was talk of “masters” to indicate those significant figures who with word and example became guides in the profession and lifestyles to be imitated.One of these was, for me, Ennio Demitri, head of the Monfalcone Emergency Department, in the times when – mid-70s – the diagnosis was made with […]

200 no vax doctors suspended • Imola Today

About 200 no vax doctors suspended in Italy. “In September we will have a complete picture of the doctors suspended from the ASL because they are not vaccinated against Covid, at the moment there are about 150-200. Not having precise data, however, we can estimate that there are not a thousand non-immunized colleagues, but in […]

UK economy complains of labor shortage

Pub in Belfast In the hospitality industry, the labor shortage is particularly acute in Great Britain. (Foto: picture alliance / Sergi Rebored) London When the British entrepreneur Tim Martin recently called for more immigration from the EU, the ridicule was great. The head of the largest British pub chain Wetherspoons had finally drummed for Brexit, now […]

Vaccino Moderna, 19 years old can no longer move his arm • Imola Oggi

Unable to move an arm one week after the first dose of the Moderna vaccine. This is what happened to a 19-year-old from Lucca who last Thursday (June 17), two hours after the serum was administered, began to experience some pain among the possible side effects: swollen limb, fever, nausea and vomiting. As the local […]

Pulmonary embolism, 43-year-old woman dies • Imola Oggi

Monza – A cardiac arrest in sleep caused, in all probability, by a pulmonary embolism. Silvia Casati passed away at dawn last Thursday, born in 1977, born and raised in the city and moved to Milan for some years with her husband and children. As reported by an extensive newsstand report from today in the […]

Jakarta Allows Some Foreigners to Receive Free Covid-19 Vaccine Shots

Jakarta. Jakarta Provincial Government has now allowed foreign nationals older than 18 to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in the city’s free immunization program in a race to protect Indonesia’s capital from the pandemic. Starting on June 9, some foreigners are the fourth priority among groups to receive the vaccines, the province said in its official Twitter account on […]