[clicazot] Thierry Robert, the fallen of the Republic!

Thierry Robert’s last press conference took a particularly pitiful turn. This individual, ineligible and deprived of all his mandates set himself up as a lesson in electoral law by appealing against the legality of the municipal elections of June 28, 2020. Yet everyone remembers his alleged eligibility found on the eve of 1st round of […]

Coronavirus patient had a four-hour erection caused by the disease | Chronicle

A 62-year-old coronavirus patient drew extreme attention with a four-hour erection caused by the disease in France. The man suffered an attack known as priapism, specialists said. From the medical center, they maintained that, in some cases, the coronavirus can cause a mismatch in the circulation of the blood. In this particular case, the disease […]

Coronavirus, after the pandemic, Italy asks for a green revolution

01 July 2020 17:55 London research: two out of three people prioritize environmental issues. Italians ready to fight climate change and pollution A new production system – The economy remains high on the agenda. More than half of the national population (59%) look to unemployment with fear. The requests include a modernization of the sector […]

France has suspended participation in the NATO mission to Libya because of Turkey

Updates: 01.07.2020 18:33 Released: 01.07.2020, 17:05 Paris – France has suspended its participation in a NATO naval mission off the coast of Libya following a previous clash with Turkish vessels. The AP agency informed about it today, adding that the French decision comes at a time of growing tensions over Libya within the North Atlantic […]

LAMENTIN. Francis Pasbeau: “The Covid has given us a lesson”

The Passerelle pour l’Emploi training courses were held, as for schools, by videoconference. If the company has run at 20% of its capacity, it managed to save the jobs at its training center. “We crossed the Covid-19,” says Francis Pasbeau, director of the continuing education center Passerelle pour l’Emploi, installed in Castel Lamentin, for several […]

Seat belt problem: massive recall of Volvo vehicles

The Swedish automaker Volvo, owned by the Chinese Geely, recalls nearly 2.2 million vehicles worldwide, including 69,000 in France, to resolve a seat belt problem on ten of its models. Affected are the S60, S60L, S60CC, V60, V60CC, V70, XC70, S80 and S80L as well as its luxurious SUV XC60 – all produced between 2006 […]

candidate falls heavily, firefighters forced to intervene (video)

Cine-TV-Review TV Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 10h05 An accident occurred on the set of “France has an incredible talent” on Tuesday. Last Tuesday, “France has an incredible talent” kicked off its 2020 season. This year, the competition takes a slightly different form: the jurors, Marianne James, Hélène Ségara, Eric Antoine and Sugar […]

Rwanda signs $ 56 million deal with France after years of tumultuous diplomatic relations

(Agence Ecofin) – After several years of tumultuous relations, Rwanda and France concluded financial agreements on Tuesday, June 30, marking a thaw in their reports. The new agreements, for nearly $ 56 million granted by AFD, relate to the fight against COVID-19 and the training of young people. Rwanda has just signed several financial agreements […]

A group requests vaccination for all

Those at risk have suffered the consequences of the pandemic in recent months, particularly those suffering from cancer. The Cancer Priority Coalition has called on the government to offer flu and pneumonia vaccines to the entire population this fall. “If, because of the deconfinement, we are experiencing more traffic in emergencies and hospitals, we fear […]

Paris: the remains of 500 guillotines found during the French Revolution

The discovery was confirmed this Tuesday by the authorities of the Expiatory Chapel as a corollary to two years of archaeological and historical research commissioned by the temple administrator, Aymeric Peniguet de Stoutz, the French newspaper reported The Parisian. According to investigators, the skeletal remains found on the walls and floors of the chapel correspond […]