“Otherwise we will fall behind America and China”

Dhe CDU economic politician Friedrich Merz warns of a setback for Europe’s industrial companies due to a wrong rescue policy in the corona crisis. “If Europe is not careful, China and the United States in particular will emerge stronger from the corona crisis,” said the candidate for the CDU chairmanship in an interview with the […]

EU reconstruction fund: Merkel-Macron advance is an epoch break

BSupporters of the Franco-German plan for a reconstruction fund worth over 500 billion euros, including the Federal Minister of Finance, refer to Alexander Hamilton. Shortly after the founding of the United States, Hamilton in 1790, as Secretary of the Treasury, proposed that the central government take over the federal debt, which at the same time […]

Friedrich Merz sees rights of savers strengthened

Friedrich Merz The decision deserves special attention, writes the CDU politician. (Photo: imago images / photothek) Berlin Friedrich Merz calls on German politicians to draw far-reaching consequences from the Federal Constitutional Court’s decision to buy government bonds from the European Central Bank (ECB). “It must be a special task of German economic policy in the […]

Does Merz have a good chance now?

NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet had a good chance of succeeding Angela Merkel. But the Corona crisis fundamentally changed the structure of power in the CDU. Now everything is possible. When left-wing faction leader Dietmar Bartsch speaks about his colleagues in the Union, he sounds like a family therapist right now: “Mr. Söder and Mr. […]

Habeck, Lindner, Özdemir: This is revealed by the intellectual poses of the politicians

“Late modern culture promises subjective fulfillment to the individual in a way that has never been seen before,” says the essay collection “The End of Illusions” by Andreas Reckwitz, published at the end of October last year, “and yet again and again leaves this subjective fulfillment as a phantasm seem. ”It is a humiliating lesson […]

Party presidential election – the CDU takes its time – politics

In all likelihood, the Christian Democrats will not elect their new boss at a special party convention, but only in December at the regular party convention. Everything should have been clear in ten days. On April 25, the CDU wanted to elect its next chairman at a special party convention. It would very likely also […]

Christian Lindner, Lars Feld, Tim Hötges in the home office

A look into the Ikea shelf from FDP boss Christian Lindner VOn the front the light shines through the attic window on Christian Lindner’s face, behind him is the bookshelf, model Expedit by Ikea. He took one over from his landlord, Health Minister Jens Spahn. He placed three more next to it and on top […]

Merz and Laschet lose, Söder has left everyone behind

Who should follow Angela Merkel? The Union was concerned with this question even before the outbreak of the corona virus. Now it shows that two leaders can score particularly well in the face of the crisis. The corona crisis is also having an impact in the Union. Of the possible chancellor candidates for the Union, […]

Chancellor question at the Union: Söder overtakes Merz

VOn the possible chancellor candidates of the Union, CSU leader Markus Söder has by far the greatest support among the population. According to a survey by the opinion research institute YouGov on behalf of the German Press Agency, 27 percent of those questioned would like the Bavarian Prime Minister to succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) […]

Entrepreneur Reinhold Würth fears for Europe

Düsseldorf, Stuttgart The entrepreneur Reinhold Würth is concerned about the future of Europe – and disappointed with the grand coalition. “What has happened in Berlin in the past few months and years with regard to Europe is a mega catastrophe,” said Würth in an interview with the Handelsblatt. “In Germany we don’t want any euro […]