Music in St. Franziskus, organ trilogy: 3. The cabinet of

The classic silent film “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” by Robert Wiene from 1920 guarantees a pleasant shudder: an eerie showman shows a somnambulistic medium at a fair that prophesies his imminent death to a student … Or is the whole thing just a delusion ? As in the past, the film will be shown […]

Six-year-old boy was abused and killed by his parents – Europe – International

A shocking video shared on social networks has caused great commotion in the United Kingdom. The clip shows the last hours alive of a 6-year-old boy named Arthur Labinjo-Hughes. The little boy, apparently, was subjected to multiple physical and psychological abuse by his father and stepmother. The Arthur murder case came to trial this week. […]

The South African variant shows a dangerous “evolutionary leap”

Countries around the world mobilized on Friday to restrict travel from southern Africa in a frenzied effort to prevent a recently identified variant of the coronavirus, and apparently significantly evolved, cross your borders. The European Commission proposed to its members to activate the “emergency break“to travel from southern African and other affected countries to limit […]

NBA: LeBron James had two spectators expelled during a game

Basketball player LeBron James, of the Los Angeles Lakers, had two fans expelled at the foot of the court during an NBA game played this Wednesday at the Indiana Pacers pavilion, according to a video shared on YouTube. In the recording, it is observed how the forward grabs one of the referees by the arm […]

Why was this ancient tusk 240 kilometers from the coast and 3000 meters deep?

Long ago, a young female mammoth was wandering near what became California’s central coast, when her life came to an untimely end. Although he died on land, his gigantic body reached the Pacific Ocean. Carried away by currents, their remains drifted more than 240 kilometers from the coast before settling 3,000 meters below the surface […]

Instagram: stories will last 60 seconds – Apps – Technology

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today. It probably completes the ‘triad’ – along with Facebook and WhatsApp – of the most used interactive platforms in recent years. Its main interface lies in the interaction through multimedia content, particularly photos and videos. Just about this element, its ‘backbone’, Instagram released a novelty […]

Donating blood saves lives – Dates in Oberallgäu | AllgäuHIT

Blood supplies are not only becoming scarce in the Allgäu. The BRK Oberallgäu urges the population to donate blood. Every donation can save lives. In the coming weeks there will again be some blood donation appointments in Oberallgäu. In Bavaria alone, around 2,000 blood products are required every day. One blood donation can help up […]