20 tons of indoor herbs ‹Fruchtportal

26. August 2021 From the hall instead of the field: The ETH spin-off YASAI plans to soon harvest 20 tons of herbs per year from an indoor facility. Above all, vertical farming brings ecological advantages. More can be produced with fewer resources. The founder of YASAI is Mark Zahran.

World Fresh Forum on Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect ‹fruit portal

July 30, 2021 A business and institutional networking space that supports opportunities in Brazil, Ukraine, South Korea and Belarus. As part of Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect, the World Fresh Forum will also include business opportunities for the fifth year in a row

Eliminate pineapple juice from your diet: the four fundamental reasons

Related news When we were children we always had a small juice brick with a built-in straw for our snack. They are very popular in Spain: we eat them, above all, at breakfast, but it is not uncommon to find them at other times of the day. We have always thought that they are refreshing […]

Hidden dangers hidden in fruit plates – Healthy Eating

Mulberry: Do not exceed 10 Mulberry, which has a positive effect on problems such as constipation complaints, anemia risk, eczema and hair loss, is one of the fruits that we have difficulty in stopping ourselves from eating. Even though it has many health benefits, it is important not to consume it in diabetics and patients […]

Uaga estimates that fruit production will fall by 14% this season

Fruit production in Aragon will fall this season by 14% on average, 47% in the case of apricots, and only the cherry is saved, which increased by 19% also due to the increase in the cultivated area, according to Uaga’s estimates made public yesterday. Aragon allocates more than 37,500 hectares to the production of sweet […]