Fuel price breaks record

From this Monday, fuel prices register one of the biggest weekly drops in recent months. In simple gasoline 95, the expected devaluation is three cents per liter, which represents the biggest drop since the beginning of the pandemic. As for simple diesel, a drop of one cent and a half per liter is expected, the […]

Fuel prices: New rise in gasoline and diesel as of Monday

Fuel prices will rise again in the week of August 2-8 and could completely eliminate last week’s slight relief From next week onwards, according to the verified trend and by our calculations, everything indicates that we will, once again, suffer a further increase in fuel prices. This forecast of ours shows that August, a month […]

Fuel Prices: Gasoline and Diesel Rise to New Highs on Monday

Gasoline will go up by 1 cent and diesel by 0.5 cent in the week of July 19th to 25th, according to our forecast The Minister of Environment and Climate Action, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, supported by a recent report by ENSE (Regulatory Authority) said this week that the responsibility for the rise in fuel […]

The escalation of gasoline and diesel prices continues — DNOTICIAS.PT

The prices of the two main fuels consumed in Madeira by motorists continue their galloping climb, which began almost uninterruptedly since January 2021. Right now, both 95-octane super unleaded gasoline and (simple) road diesel exceed the maximums of a ‘handful’ of years. Do not forget that subsidized diesel (colored and marked) also continues to increase […]

Fuel prices: gasoline rises again in the week of July 5th to 11th

Sixth consecutive week of climbs, with gasoline rising by 1 cent and diesel with a tendency to maintain With the cost of oil stubbornly continuing to rise and with no signs that the government can change fuel tax rates, consumers are left to face a predictable and unwanted sixth consecutive rise in gasoline prices in […]

Fuel prices reach scandal levels and rise to 2018/2019 levels

AutoPortal went to the archives. The price of gasoline will rise to 1.6 euros per liter and it is the highest value of the last two years !!! The price of fuel goes up again next Monday, for the third consecutive week and is preparing to “offer” motorists an increase in gasoline which, from week […]

Countries where a liter of gasoline or diesel costs less than 1 lev

The historic collapse of oil prices in the spring led to a significant reduction in fuel prices in various parts of the world, including Bulgaria. As of Sept. 22, U.S. crude oil, for example, is trading at about $ 39.6 a barrel. For comparison, a year earlier it sold for more than 57 dollars per […]