Countries where a liter of gasoline or diesel costs less than 1 lev

The historic collapse of oil prices in the spring led to a significant reduction in fuel prices in various parts of the world, including Bulgaria. As of Sept. 22, U.S. crude oil, for example, is trading at about $ 39.6 a barrel. For comparison, a year earlier it sold for more than 57 dollars per […]

Gasoline price in Mexico today July 2, 2020

Mexico.- Today, Thursday, July 2, 2020, this is how the price of Magna, Premium and Diesel gasoline that is dispatched at the various service stations in the country dawned. Next, we present you the national average price and some of the general prices by state of the Republic. Stay informed about what matters most to […]

The difference in Premium and Pertalite, FUEL Will be Removed Pertamina

Illustration of gas station related to the decline in FUEL prices (Source: KOMPAS.TV – Pertamina plans to remove FUEL that had levels of Research Octane Number (RON) under 91, in this case it is a Premium and Pertalite. “So, there is a regulation of MOEF (Ministry of Environment and Forestry) which establishes that to […]

When you fill up the cheapest – fuel price comparison

Even if gasoline prices are currently at a relatively low level, one or the other is certainly happy if he can also save some money on refueling. All he has to do is drive to the gas station at the right time. Comparing fuel prices still pays off for drivers: “Within a city or region, […]

Fiat Chrysler will make and donate face masks in the COVID-19 crisis

WINDSOR, ONT. – – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will manufacture and donate more than a million face masks for healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic each month. The automotive company announced this on Monday, stating that production capacity is currently being installed and manufacturing will begin selling in the United States, Canada […]

Wild police chase on Highway 401 near London caught on camera

LONDON, ONT – A 33 year old Brampton, Ont. Man faces multiple chargers after a wild police chase on Highway 401 on Sunday evening. And a Sarnia couple who traveled home from Toronto and witnessed the persecution had a far more exciting trip than normal. “It’s just a sea of ​​red and blue flashing lights,” […]