Reducing subsidies on gasoline and diesel fuel, and excluding bread… President al-Assad issues two decrees to increase salaries, wages, and pensions for workers and retirees in the state

Yesterday, President Bashar al-Assad issued two legislative decrees to increase salaries and fixed wages for civilian and military workers and to increase pensions by 100 percent. Legislative Decree No. 11 stipulates adding 100 percent to the fixed salaries and wages in effect on the date of issuance of this legislative decree for all civil and […]

Second game: Fuel to the fire

Las Tunas came from behind to beat Industriales, with a 4-3 score, in the grand final of the 62 National Series A long wait was worth it. It was a good ball game, decided by a hit from Danel Castro. It should have been played the previous day, but the rain prevented it, as it […]

Letters from readers: fuel consumption

For a few days there has been an obligation in service stations to display the percentage of mixture of gasoline with biofuels in the fuel dispensers in order for the customer to have more information about the product they purchase and pay for. I think that it is also an excellent opportunity to inform the […]

USA: The price of fuel goes up again

It wasn’t just the temperature that went up. The same applies to the price of fuel at US stations. The national average per gallon of the so-called regular gasoline was $3.78 on Monday. Drivers pay the most in California, as much as $5, and in Washington State, around $4.95. – according to estimates by GasBuddy. […]

Transportation of food, fuel, medicine is not carried out by peacekeepers’ vehicles. The humanitarian crisis in Artsakh is getting worse. Center for ensuring cooperation with the Russian peacekeeping troops

The Center for Ensuring Cooperation with the Russian Peacekeeping Troops of the Government of the Republic of Artsakh informs. “It is already the second day that Azerbaijan has completely banned all humanitarian passenger and cargo transportation through the Kashatagh (Lachin) corridor under the pretext of the situation caused by the Azerbaijani provocation on the Artsakh-Armenia […]

This is how garbage can be turned into diesel for domestic wells

As we unsuspectingly approached the entrance of the factory with production manager Gábor Baricza and engineer Levente Tóth, we were hit by the “smell” of a run-down cheese factory. (They think it “smells like dead plants and dead animals”. It was a shame that I asked.) Fortunately, I forgot about it after 3 minutes, as […]