OM: how will Javier Ribalta work with Pablo Longoria? – Season

In December 2020, during an interview for Provence, Paul Longoria was asked about the role models he had in football. The one who was not yet president of OM then spoke spontaneously about … Javier Ribaltahis compatriot but above all his hierarchical superior during his time at Juventus between 2015 and 2017. The roles are […]

With competitive benefits and compensation.. The Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu announces more than 50 vacancies for men and women

The Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu has announced the availability of more than 50 educational, academic, administrative and technical jobs (men/women), according to the rest of the details and the method of submission shown below. Functions: 1- Assistant Professor – Computer Engineering. 2- Assistant Professor – Mechanical Engineering. 3- Assistant Professor – Business Administration. […]

Energy diagnostics: too many errors and significant discrepancies depending on the

The energy performance diagnosis (DPE), which classifies dwellings from A to G according to their energy consumption and their impact on the climate, is compulsory in dwellings intended to be inhabited. Problem, these diagnoses are unreliable, points out the magazine 60 Million consumers which found substantial differences depending on the professional in charge of the […]

AI, the big push in breast cancer screening

Artificial intelligence as support for radiologists in breast cancer screening would allow a greater number of cancers to be detected, which would mean a better prognosis for the patient and the use of less aggressive treatments, according to Dr. Esperanza Elías, a radiologist specializing in Intelligence Artificial applied to screening … Artificial intelligence as support […]

Actu // The subject of working time at the heart of the news

Written by ID CiTé on 05/11/2022 Between a strong political context, a health crisis, an international crisis and its economic consequences, the subject of working time is at the heart of the news. Small illustration by talking about managers’ relationship to time, the lengthening of life (and work), and atypical hours and their consequences. In […]

Twitter is testing tweets for a smaller circle with “Circle”.

Anyone who writes a post on Twitter must always expect that the whole world will be able to see it. A new feature aims to remedy this. The short message service Twitter is testing tweets for a smaller circle with “Circle”. (icon image) – keystone Ad the essentials in brief With “Circle”, tweets can soon […]

WhatsApp presents its new function: the Communities | Innovation

Social networks they are constantly changing: updates, new features. This, with the aim of giving its users better options and hooking them to their platforms. (See: What is ‘drunk mode’ in WhatsApp and how would it work). WhatsApp, the messaging service of Meta (Facebook) and one of the most used in the world, presents a […]

Six new voice messaging features

Whatsapp gives its voice messages a major update. The total of six innovations will be gradually introduced in the coming weeks. Users of the beta version can already use some of the new functions. Play voice messages outside of chat With this function, Whatsapp wants to facilitate the multitasking that many heavy users of smartphones […]