How hot is the sun | Science & Research | 1000 answers | SWR knowledge

The sun is like the earth: it is comparatively cool on the outside and quite hot on the inside. Only the circumstances are completely different. It is about 6,000 degrees Celsius on the surface of the sun, but the temperature inside is 15 million degrees. In contrast to the earth, the sun is a huge […]

What you need to know about the sinking of the “Grande America”

An oil slick is heading towards the French coast after the sinking of the Italian ship Grande America, which sank off La Rochelle. The vessel contained hazardous materials and 2,200 tonnes of heavy fuel oil in its holds. Hybrid ship between a ro-ro and a container ship with a length of 214 meters, the Grande […]

Altmaier gives the go-ahead for green steel from Duisburg

Duisburg. Economics minister promises Thyssenkrupp a subsidy for climate-neutral steel production. Regardless of who owns the steel division in the future. Opdi tjfiu ojdiut ebobdi bvt- ebtt TJF ijfs you gýog Kbisfo hsýofo Tubim lpdifo xpmmfo- tp HBO {piof Lpimf / Tdixbs {- Hsbv boe Xfjà epnjojfsfo ejf Fjoesýdlf xåisfoe EFS 31.njoýujhfo Gbisu evsdi ejf […]

Nuclear fusion reactor ITER could solve humanity’s energy problem

For many, nuclear fusion is a great source of hope as an energy source of the future – however, the necessary technology is still at the beginning. The ITER project could be late. The climate crisis cannot be averted without an energy transition. Because electricity generation from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas […]

Auto-fusion of Fiat Chrysler and PSA – new name known

Fiat Chrysler and Opel parent company PSA want to merge – making them the fourth largest automaker in the world. Both companies will publish their future plans in a message. Photo series with 15 pictures The car maker Fiat Chrysler and the Opel-Mothers PSA want to be called “Stellantis” after their mega-fusion. “The Latin origins […]

LEG Immobilien talks to TAG Immobilien about a billion merger

Logo of the real estate group LEG The real estate groups LEG and TAG are talking about a merger. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Another billion-dollar merger is looming on the German real estate market. The LEG real estate group is negotiating a merger with TAG Immobilien, as LEG announced on Friday. If there is a merger, […]

Emirates and Etihad: Golf airlines must finally merge

Parked Emirates aircraft in Dubai The airlines do not see passengers returning fully before 2023. (Photo: Bloomberg) Good news has covered up the gloomy prospect for the airline that has so far grown so aggressively on the Gulf: For the first time, an Etihad Airways aircraft has landed in Israel – to deliver relief supplies […]

From number 3 to the top position – Telekom wants to conquer the USA – economy

The German telecommunications group wants to become number one in the USA with its subsidiary T-Mobile. After the merger with the competitor Sprint was completed, the ambitions are great. Experts also see good chances of continuing to roll up the US market. It took almost two years to antitrust the controversial merger of T-Mobile US […]

Telefónica and Liberty Global merge UK business

Telefónica subsidiary O2 The Spaniards, who have been looking for a solution for their British business for a long time, can also make good use of the income because of the uncertainty in the corona crisis. (Photo: Bloomberg) Denver, Madrid Telefónica and the US media company Liberty Global want to merge their British business into […]