Pontivy. Work on the future Skiold Acemo building will start, Lann-Velin area

Subscriber content Sunday January 17 2021 20:00 … The Skiold Acemo company, located rue Albert-de-Mun in Pontivy (Morbihan), will move to the Lann-Velin area, in Saint-Thuriau, in July 2022, on this land located in front of the new Citroën dealership. DS. © Ouest-France The Skiold Acemo company, located rue Albert-de-Mun in Pontivy (Morbihan), will move […]

work on the future medical practice has started

Usually, greetings at the village hall are held the first two weeks after New Years Day. This year, it was impossible for the municipality to respect the tradition. Also in the editorial of the municipal bulletin, Mayor Maurice Hennebert indicates that future achievements will focus on the fitting out of the future medical practice. After […]

the future Eclipse center should open in the spring

After an interruption linked to the health crisis, work resumed in the former slaughterhouses on Avenue de Dunkerque. The future Eclipse center should open in spring 2021. The work has been entrusted to the architect Alain Demarquette, who has completely redesigned this large industrial wasteland which will be dedicated to young people. The center will […]

North Korea already challenges future president Joe Biden

North Korea already remembers the next US administration. Silent since the start of the coronavirus pandemic from China a year ago, North Korea has used its 8th Korean Workers’ Party Congress (PTC) which ended on Monday January 11 to post its international ambitions. And as President-elect Joe Biden begins his term in office, North Korean […]

PCR testing to secure the future of live music

Going back to holding concerts where it is not necessary to maintain a safe distance could be closer to being a reality. Last December, the Apolo hall in Barcelona hosted an experimental recital led by the Foundation to Fight AIDS and Infectious Diseases, from the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital in Badalona and Primavera […]