There is such a twist in the new Star Wars series that goes back to The Mandalorian

Ahsoka may explain the disappearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn. The new Star Wars series on Disney+, Ahsoka’s biggest twist involves Grand Admiral Thrawn, but this was actually discussed earlier, in the third season of The Mandalorian. Thrawn disappeared at the end of Star Wars: Rebels after young Jedi Ezra Bridger kidnapped him with the help […]

The Fastest Star in the Milky Way Found, Here’s What It Looks Like

Jakarta – The fastest star ever seen in the Milky Way galaxy was caught by astronomers recently. This dwarf star hurtles through space at a speed of 8,226,967 kilometers per hour. So fast, this star can escape the gravitational force of the Milky Way galaxy. Super speed makes this star J0927 nicknamed hypervelocity star (hyperspeed […]

“Finding Out Who Liked Your Facebook Posts: A Guide”

Facebook Likes: How do I find out who made them? – Similar Threads – Find Facebook details Which tablet do you like better? in Support Which tablet do you like better?: Samsung Tab S8 Plus or IPad Pro 12.9 (6 gen.) I don’t like the Samsung keyboard in Samsung Apps Forum I don’t like […]

Manchester United Tops List of Most Valuable Clubs in 2023: Sporty Report

The soccer business grows season after season and a few weeks after closing the campaign 2022-2023 in the european leaguesthe classification of the most valuable clubs this year was released. Manchester United leads the table of millionaires. Los “Red Devils” have a value of 5.95 trillion dollarsdespite the fact that he has a decade without […]

Scientific Bulletin – Galaxies colliding with each other generate quasars

Galaxies colliding with each other generate quasars Quasars are one of the most extreme celestial bodies in their performance, and some of them are distinguished by the ability to shine more than a billion stars. These stars in the midst of galaxies are fueled by supermassive black holes that emit intense radiation by sucking in […]

he observes the formation of a gigantic cluster of galaxies!

Everywhere in our Universe, galaxies present themselves today in clusters and, thanks to the James-Webb space telescope, astronomers finally have the possibility of tracing the history of these clusters. A very first prequel takes us back to a time when our Universe was no more than 650 million years old. You will also be interested […]