Côte d’Ivoire announces “major discovery” of oil and natural gas

The Ivory Coast, a modest producer of hydrocarbons, announced on Wednesday September 1st the “major discovery” of oil and natural gas off its coasts during an exploratory drilling carried out by the Italian hydrocarbon giant Eni. “A major discovery of oil in the sedimentary basin of the Ivory Coast has just been made by the […]

When will it take as long to charge the batteries as to fill the fuel tank?

New fast charging technologies Looking at the dynamics of the electric car market, it is not difficult to notice that manufacturers are paying more and more attention to this segment. Drivers are already offered electric small city models, compact SUVs, luxury large sedans and even sporty electric cars. As a result, form or purpose are […]

Maserati Levante Hybrid: a hybrid future for Italians

The latest Maserati hybrid car is a significantly updated SUV Levante. It is equipped with a 4-cylinder 2-liter engine with a 48-volt hybrid system. It helps to recover energy by slowing down and braking. The hybrid model is also lighter than other Levante cars with petrol or diesel V6 engines. Despite the fact that the […]

Russian cars are starting to prosper here again. However, they require special care

The offer of cars that are made in Russia and also have the manufacturer’s logo from this country is currently surprisingly wide in our country as well. Hunters, travelers, firefighters, municipalities, but also mining companies. Such customers, in particular, are currently buying Russian cars, although they are aware that many decades have passed since these […]

Gas prices jump – suppliers publish tariffs for September – Economy

Some gas companies have left only annual tariffs that do not exceed UAH 13.50 Gas companies have published monthly rates. Collage “Today” / Photo: UNIAN, Today The monthly prices of some gas suppliers have skyrocketed – annual rates remain the same… The relevant data were posted on their websites by gas supply companies. In April, […]

A special truck commemorates the Volán Tefura

At the 10th Hajdúszoboszló Truck Meeting, one of this year’s big throws was unveiled, commemorating Volán Tefu Rt., One of the best-known domestic shipping companies and Waberer’s legal predecessor. “Hungary’s first road transport company was founded in 1948, which became a clean-profile freight company in 1961 and took the name Tefu– remarked Zsolt Barna, Managing […]

Sobol-NN and Gazelvagen – Autoreview

For almost every material about Gazelle and his comrades, in the comments from readers there is a question – well, when will the new Sable be released? Until recently, it was difficult to answer it: the plant workers were reluctant to comment on the sable fate and without specifics. And what was my surprise when, […]

RF on gas transit to Europe: we can do it without Ukraine

Photo: nord-stream2.com Construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is nearing completion However, Russia is not interested in stopping gas transit through the Ukrainian territory, noted in Moscow. If Ukraine refuses to transit Russian gas, then Russia will still be able to fulfill its obligations. This was stated by Dmitry Birichevsky, Director of the […]