US ruling and opposition senators seek secondary sanctions on Russian oil banks | Reuters

US Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen (pictured) and Republican senators on Sept. 20 agreed to tighten the price caps set by the Group of Seven (G7) on Russian oil in response to the invasion of Ukraine. , called on the Biden administration to impose secondary sanctions on international financial institutions. REUTERS/Tom Williams/Pool via REUTERS [ワシントン […]

Ukrainian army advances east, president “occupier panic” to counterattack in Donbass | Reuters

[イジュム(ウクライナ) 20日 ロイター] – According to Ukrainian officials, the Ukrainian army is preparing to advance its forces eastward into abandoned territory by Russia and to counterattack Russian forces in the Donbass region. On Sept. 20, Ukrainian forces said they were preparing to push their forces east into abandoned Russian territory and counterattack Russian forces in […]

Honorary Elimination in 2023 Chances of Cancellation, Menpan-RB Finds New Solutions

JAKARTA – The central government launched a discourse to cancel the policy of eliminating honorary workers in 2023. This discourse emerged in line with the strong resistance from local governments. Minister for Administrative Reform Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan-RB) Abdullah Azwar Anas said that his party is currently preparing a middle ground solution, which is to allow […]

Kemen PAN-RB and BKN Start Honorary Workforce Data, This is the Goal

JAKARTA – Minister for Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB), Abdullah Azwar Anas said that currently his party and BKN (State Civil Service Agency) are conducting data collection and mapping of non-ASN personnel to determine the number and potential of existing honorary workers. Based on Government Regulation Number 49 of 2018 concerning the management of […]

Impressed, Police Explain Why Improper Hanging Himself Causes Death

PEKANBARU – The case of the death of a Civil Servant (PNS) with his head hanging from a cloth on the handle of a silver Daihatsu Terios car Nopol 1389 VX, which was parked in the basement of the Riau DPRD Office, on Saturday (10/9), is confirmed to be a suicide. However, some parties still […]