Bronze Age arrowhead made of meteorite iron | National Geographic

Finding an arrowhead from the late Bronze Age may not seem particularly impressive at first. The small, manufactured piece of metal is just under four centimeters long – but it is a rarity. Because the material from which the arrowhead was made has no earthly origin. In an interdisciplinary project at the Natural History Museum […]

New York City Sinking into Atlantic Ocean: Risks of Devastating Floods Increase

New York City is sinking slowly but surely into the Atlantic Ocean. Researchers have recently shown that the city is getting 1 to 2 millimeters closer to sea level every year. Combined with sea level rise and intensified storms, this could increase the risk of devastating floods. “Most headlines say skyscrapers are the real problem, […]

From Einstein’s rings the most likely candidate to explain dark matter

The dark matter it appears to make up 85% of the mass of the universe. Its name is not accidental, since it does not emit, absorb or reflect light. We know it exists through indirect effects on galaxies, and we know that without it the known universe would be meaningless. Until now all attempts to […]

A lightning bolt produces the rare calcium phosphite

A lightning bolt that struck a tree on Florida’s west coast has produced a remarkable form of phosphorus that could represent a whole new mineral group, bridging the gap between space minerals and those on Earth. Calcium phosphite resulting from the reaction of lightning with sand Inside fulgurite a “mineral ball” formed from the reaction […]

More than 85,000 volcanoes mapped on Venus!

American scientists have just published a global map showing the distribution of volcanoes on the surface of Venus. And surprise, the infernal planet would have many more than we thought: up to 85,000 buildings, old or recent, have been identified on its surface. The recent confirmation of active volcanism on the surface of Venus shows […]

Africa Will Be Split in Two and a New Ocean Will Appear

Jakarta – The continent of Africa will slowly but surely split into two. Geologically, this is a very long process that will take millions of years, and eventually we will see parts of East Africa break away from this continent. As well as splitting Africa in two, this process will likely result in a new […]

Can Tucumán suffer earthquakes like those registered in Turkey and Syria?

To understand this more easily, let’s remember how an earthquake is generated. The outermost part of the Earth, which is known as the crust, can be imagined as a great spherical puzzle. Its pieces are the tectonic plates, but they are not still: they move in different directions pushed by the internal heat of the […]