Twenty Years of “Lasting Freedom” in Afghanistan: The Story of an American Failure

These are the attacks of September 11, 2001 against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, designed and commissioned according to Washington from Afghanistan, which prompted the United States to go to war with the Central Asian country. Considered by Washington as supporters of Osama bin Laden, head of Al Quaida and Public Enemy Number […]

Biden during the speech confused the granddaughter with the deceased son Biden during the speech confused the granddaughter with the deceased son Biden during the speech confused the granddaughter with the deceased son Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden confused his granddaughter with his son during a speech in Philadelphia, AFP reported. RIA Novosti, 04.11.2020 2020-11-04T03: 34 2020-11-04T03: 34 2020-11-04T07: 37 us presidential election – 2020 […]

New York, an example for Chicago?

January 1993: New York deplores 189 murders in one month, an average of six per day. January 2017: New York reports 20 homicides, a drop of 9.1% compared to the first month of 2016. How to explain the constant and spectacular drop in the homicide rate in the largest American city? And why does Chicago […]

the village of Richard Hétu

The roosters crowing no longer wakes me up at dawn, but chickens still cackle in the neighborhood community gardens. For my part, I frequent them at the Plaza Cultural, where small vegetable gardens and compost bins stand next to an artificial pond and an amphitheater built with the means available, at the intersection of avenue […]

New York: gentrification of Harlem creates tensions

In 1969, Samuel Hargress purchased a jazz cabaret in Harlem, a neighborhood in the upper Manhattan borough of New York, United States, and the adjacent building for $ 35,000. Today, real estate agents offer him $ 10 million, or some 8.5 million euros, a sign of the dazzling gentrification – and contested – of the […]

historic agreement on Hart Island cemetery

PHOTO PROVIDED BY WIKIPEDIA Aerial view of Hart Island Cemetery FRANCE MEDIA AGENCY Posted on July 9, 2015 at 12:59 p.m. Long inaccessible, the graves of the Hart Island cemetery in New York, where nearly a million destitute, homeless or stillborn children are buried, will now be accessible to families thanks to a “historic agreement” […]

New York marks 25th anniversary of first World Trade Center bombing

PHOTO RICHARD DREW, ASSOCIATED PRESS Roses were placed on the 9/11 memorial installed at “Ground Zero” during a ceremony marking the 25e anniversary of the first World Trade Center attack on February 26. ASSOCIATED PRESS Posted on February 26, 2018 at 4:06 p.m. New York highlighted Monday the 25e anniversary of the first World Trade […]

New York has its worst homelessness problem “since the Great Depression”

New York is home to some 75,000 homeless people, unprecedented since the 1930s according to some experts, and the problem is growing embarrassment for its Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio, accused of having underestimated him. Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday the departure of his advisor in charge of the itinerant, Gilbert Taylor, and the in-depth […]

Memories of New York under Ed Koch

PHOTO SETH WENIG, ARCHIVES AP Ed Koch, mayor of New York from January 1978 to December 1989, pulled his city out of a serious financial crisis. But his time at New York City Hall has also given rise to sordid stories testifying to an urban drift. Richard Hétu, special collaborationTHE PRESS Posted on February 4, […]