Citizens with mixed feelings about the first Corona autumn without pandemic rules

Berlin. Relaxed or worried again: Before the first Corona autumn without pandemic rules or mandatory protection rules, the population’s expectations about their own health risks vary greatly, according to a survey. One in two people (50 percent) are not at all worried about a possible corona infection in autumn and winter, as the survey by […]

Jungfrau Zeitung – BSV Bern ends long dry spell

100. Berner Derby | 24. September 2023 It’s been a while since BSV Bern last won a derby against Wacker Thun. In the 100th meeting between the two, it was that time again. The city of Bern celebrated a 29:23 home win thanks to a strong defensive performance. He became a decisive figure: Felix Aellen […]

The Oldest Video Store in the World: From Rentals to a Festival Hub

The oldest video store in the world is located in Kassel. But almost no one rents films there anymore. The festival will be more important soon. Illustration of Kassel’s last video store and the city’s smallest cinema Photo: Jeong Hwa Min KASSEL taz | Something is wrong here. Where’s the mustiness? That smell of worn […]

The Misunderstood Fear: Unmasking the Supposed Smiles of Pet Macaques

Supposed smiles are actually fear Some viewers misinterpreted the primates’ behaviors, expressions and gestures as pleasure, happiness or joy, the report said. The supposed smile is often a grimace with which the animals express their fear. Experts agree that keeping primates as pets is inherently cruel and poses a host of problems. Like other wild […]

Diploma Ceremony: A celebration of education and community

In a celebratory event, the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Brixen celebrated the awarding of final diplomas to 200 graduates today. The location of the celebration, the historic Hofburg Brixen, provided a magnificent setting for this important day in the lives of the students and their families. At 10:45 a.m. sharp, a […]

Education: teacher for a day

Hamm Gina’s placement in a comprehensive school in Hamm on the edge of the Ruhr area is a small job test, a look behind the scenes. She is considering studying to become a teacher, but has many questions and would like to change her perspective. Teacher shortage in Germany Thousands of teachers are missing in […]

People: Guttenberg couple separated – Bavaria

The family, the couple has two daughters, went to the USA, but did not plan to leave their tents in Germany forever. Zu Guttenberg became an expert in a “think tank”. He repeatedly made his presence felt in this country, through interviews or the relatively quickly published book “For the time being failed”. Stephanie zu […]

Get to Know VHS Unterland through Our New Instagram Page

The Volkshochschule Unterland has recently started running its own Instagram page: We provide those interested with information and useful information about the VHS Unterland, point out special events or courses that have been added to the program at short notice and give a look through the keyhole. Take a look, like, comment and share our […]