Daniel Ricciardo and Renault set for highly awkward F1 2020 finish

It was suggested to Daniel Ricciardo this week finishing the 2020 Formula One season with Renault after signing with McLaren for next season will be “like you’ve split with your partner and yet you have to continue to live in the same house together for the next six months”. “That’s a pretty good analogy,” Ricciardo […]

AFL 2020, Collingwood, Steele Sidebottom, Eddie McGuire, AFL 360, David King

Two-time North Melbourne premiership player David King believes it is up for Collingwood’s leaders on and off the field to bring the club together after a tumultuous week. Star midfielder Steele Sidebottom has been ruled out for four weeks by the AFL after breaching COVID-19 regulations, while veteran Lynden Dunn is unavailable for selection against […]

Ellen labeled “one of the meanest living people” in a scandalous Twitter thread

At the end of each episode, the moderator of the talk show, Ellen DeGeneres, says to the audience: “Be friendly to each other”. But a shocking Twitter thread raises doubts as to whether she practices what she preaches. Weekends writers and comedians Kevin T. Porter tweeted: “At the moment we all need a little friendliness. […]

The lock in Wuhan is due to be lifted as the COVID-19 cases are closed

The Chinese authorities have announced the end of a two-month ban on the province that triggered the coronavirus pandemic. The announcement came on Tuesday when officials said COVID-19 cases in Hubei province are waning. However, cases of the virus are rapidly escalating around the world, causing undue social and economic disasters. The virus has now […]

Coronavirus Australia: Blocking rules were introduced on Wednesday

A complete blockage of non-essential services by the community, with school closings for all but the children of the most critical workers, could be the next step in combating the Australian coronavirus pandemic unless the epidemiology of the disease improves. At midnight today, a number of other measures will take effect, including the closure of […]

Jobs you need to apply for when you are fired

The destruction of the Australian workforce as a result of the coronavirus pandemic is undeniable, but there is a glimmer of hope for sudden jobseekers. Millions are expected to become unemployed as a result of the looming recession, while the national shutdown to formalize social distancing measures has left tens of thousands unemployed. The country’s […]

AFL 2020 season suspended: NFL punter mourns for new love

Sports-hungry Americans started the first round of the AFL season – led by former NFL punter Pat McAfee, who described it as “my favorite sport I’ve ever seen”. So there is a strange feeling of sadness from a part of the world that has so far neglected our great game. Now the season is interrupted […]