Thomas Pesquet will participate in a giant dictation from space

500 people will gather outdoors in Paris to listen to astronaut Thomas Pesquet dictate a text to them from space. Posted on 4/09/2021 at 08:29 Through Writing with AFP Lovers of space and words are invited on Sunday to participate in a giant dictation, which will be read in orbit by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet […]

Already know? This is the Reason Why Giant Closes Permanently

Jakarta – All Giant outlets have been permanently closed since the end of July 2021 yesterday. This means, since August 1 yesterday, there are no more Giant outlets operating. Meanwhile, all remaining items that are damaged and not sold until the end of last July will be destroyed by the management. “For goods, which are […]

A multitude of companies threatened by a giant cyberattack in the United States

Hackers attacked US company Kaseya just before a long weekend to demand ransom from potentially more than 1,000 companies through its IT management software. First direct consequence: a large supermarket chain in Sweden had to close more than 800 stores on Saturday, its checkouts being paralyzed by the attack. It is difficult at this time […]

Giant Closes, Here’s Fitch Ratings’ Astonishing Forecast!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The permanent closure of Giant retail outlets by PT Hero Supermarket Tbk (HERO) starting next July will not necessarily benefit its competitors such as Hypermart, Carrefour and Transmart. This is because retail companies face competition from smaller minimarkets and grocery retailers. Research published by Fitch Ratings explains that while HERO will […]

Warehouse Wash, Here’s the Giant Outlet Closing Schedule Jadwal

Retail company PT Hero Supermarket Tbk will close all Giant outlets in Indonesia. Some of these outlets will later be converted into Hero Supermarket, IKEA or Guardian. Director of Hero Supermarket Hadrianus Wahyu Trikusumo said the potential for the development of the three brand it’s taller than Giant. “The plan to change the business strategy […]

Giant Closes, Retail Observer: Big Box Doesn’t Evolve, It’s Only Price War

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Retail observer Yongky Susilo assesses that the decision to close all Giant outlets at the end of July 2021 is the impact of a series of changes in consumer behavior in the recent period. Changes in consumer behavior, especially the upper middle class, which shifted from visiting large format stores to smaller […]

They find a giant moth in a school in Australia

Let’s face it. Moths are animals that do not inspire much tenderness. They are insects that feed on wood, animal tissue, and other materials. If they are housed in homes, they can cause problems and could even affect your pet. Domestic animals often feed on insects, and the consumption of some moths could cause problems […]