14-year-old suspected in Mexico after the death of a classmate

In Mexico, a 14-year-old has to answer in court. The teenager is accused of being responsible for the death of her classmate. Students at a school in Mexico. (icon image) – keystone Ad the essentials in brief In Mexico, a 14-year-old girl has to answer in court. The teenager is accused of being responsible for […]

Brother of the rapist of a 19-year-old girl is a PCC official in Pinar del Río

MIAMI, United States. — The rape of a 19-year-old Cuban girl in the province of Artemisa has ended up exposing an alleged case of influence peddling. As a result of the complaint made on Twitter by Rosyeilis de Armas Rodríguez —who claimed to have been raped on February 24 on a highway in San Cristóbal— […]

A group of people in Bishkek staged the kidnapping of a girl. What is wrong with it?

Normalization of kidnapping girls In Kyrgyzstan, the abduction of girls has indeed been presented more than once as a subject of humor in various commercials. But the authors of the videos do not understand that jokes about the kidnapping of girls normalize this crime. Through pop culture products, advertising, jokes, negative stereotypes are successfully fixed […]

Al-Saleh: Marriage of a girl to a citizen of the judge’s jurisdiction because the father refused to marry her to him because he does not pray and “is not enough.”

The Court of Appeal of the Family Department upheld the ruling proving “the child’s guardian” and marrying the plaintiff to the second defendant under the jurisdiction of the judge. The lawsuit filed by lawyer Elaf Khalil Al-Saleh is summarized in that a citizen suffered from intransigence and her father’s refusal to all applicants for her […]

I love you for money, O Mutawaa • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: A Saudi religious scholar named “Saad Al-Ghabiwi” documented a video clip via the “Tik Tok” application, in which he addresses a Jewish genie inside a girl in a live broadcast. The genie said that his name was Shalamut bin Shalimet, while the genie mocked the man when he asked him to leave the […]

Mashael Al-Tuwairqi scolds a girl with special needs after she told her, “You’re the daughter of people” • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Rewrite this content Al-Marsad Newspaper: The veiled Tik Tok celebrity, Mashael Al-Tuwairqi, scolded a girl with special needs, after the girl called her, “You’re the daughter of the people.” The audio recording showed a girl with special needs addressing Mashael and calling her, “Oh, daughter of people.” However, Mashael interrupted her and prevented her from […]

Torture at the Fox Factory|Qin Lan revealed that during the special experience of the Spring Festival Gala, a girl called her husband and called him “Ma Su Su” at the scene_Entertainment_Role_Sketches

Rewrite this contentOriginal Title: Fox Factory Big Torture|Qin Lan revealed that she had a special experience during the Spring Festival Gala, and was called by a girl to her husband at the scene, “Ma Su Su”Sohu Entertainment News (Ma Rongling/Wen Ruoling/Interview with Meng Sha/Picture Suki/Video) This year, Qin Lan appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival […]