Chava’s outbursts, a free genius in cycling

José Carlos CarabiasFOLLOW Updated:04/24/2020 01:39 save The TV recovers that first ascent of the Angliru in the Vuelta a España and the extraordinary rise of José María Jiménez in the company of Roberto Heras and then in the hunt for Pavel Tonkov remains in memory. Victoria del Chava and anthological phrase to complete her work. […]

I have rabies – Release

Grandstand. I’m angry and angry when they scroll through the media, show their discontent on television, make their voices heard perfectly on the radio, deliver their speech in the newspapers. Always to tell us about a situation of which they are an aggravating factor, always to perish on citizenship, on the risk of recession, on […]

“We were looking for tools to deal with confinement” (Natalia Arroyo)

Espanyol had been without competition for two weeks when the competition was stopped and confinement was established everywhere. A window of international matches was over and the First Iberdrola had to be resumed when it all stopped. The real sense of confinement didn’t appear until a couple of days later in the blue-and-white dressing room. […]

Trump’s daughter and son-in-law defy containment for Jewish Passover

The couple went to a Trump family golf club in New Jersey from Washington. LThe daughter and advisor to US President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and her husband Jared Kushner have ignored the confinement recommendations of US authorities to celebrate Jewish Passover, the White House confirmed on Thursday. The couple went to a Trump family […]

What virgins so fascinate men, said the astrologer

The unique character trait of the zodiac is envied by other girls. Each girl has her own unique feature that sets them apart from the rest. Dev, of course, also has such a quality, and it is associated with the ability to find contact with men. Czech astrologer Peter Lanz told how the Virgo fascinate […]

“Do you know Davout?” – Fans suspected Claudia Koku in an affair with Manukyan

Frightened by the revelation, Buzova’s fiance immediately “ran” in the commentary. The personal life of the singer Claudia Koki has long been discussed by a huge layer of the domestic audience. However, to the end it was never clear who she was dating. In recent interviews, the girl stated that she had an extremely friendly […]

Girl goes viral when playing Tusa with the keyboard of her phone

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 03/23/2020 11:06:19 Quarantine by coronavirus, Covid-19, has left more than one with free time for fun or leisure activities. Faced with the impossibility of leaving, a young woman did something unexpected: she played the song Cob from Karol G with your keyboard mobile. The woman of Tamaulipas origin shared the […]