the three passengers were able to exit the vehicle through the rear window

Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 5:26 p.m. By B.Bt A car, which was circulating this afternoon, on the rue de Châtelet, in the direction of Marchienne-au-Pont, deviated from its trajectory, to end up on the roof. Rescue took care of the three passengers. A spectacular traffic accident occurred this Wednesday afternoon, around 4:30 […]

Time to abandon ‘Resistiré’ and promote tourism and consumption | Opinion

Two months have just passed since the first state of alarm decreed by a democratic government. The purpose of such an exceptional measure was to stop the expansion of the Covid-19 coronavirus that it almost burst the Spanish health system. The main measure of containment of that decree, in force today due to successive extensions, […]

Five keys to get out of the burrow

MMany started the confinement with the joy of some holidays at home. The memes that ran those first few weeks were a barometer that lightness and good cheer prevailed in most homes. After the first month of confinement, the psychologists who attend from their computer screen noticed a deterioration in the mood of the population. […]

The Church asks for a state pact to get out of the coronavirus crisis

Cardinal Omella. Cardinals Omella and Osoro are committed to “a perfect communion” of politicians with society to avoid “wrong decisions” PEDRO ONTOSO Saturday, May 9 2020, 12:46 PM Cardinal Juan José Omella has had to lead the reins of the Spanish Church in one of the most difficult times due to the impact of the […]