Mateo’s madness for Messi’s free-kick goal – News

The Argentine star scored two goals this Saturday in Barcelona’s 4-0 victory over Granada, and at home one of his most fanatical fans celebrated him euphoric. In the video, you can see Mateo, the second son of “La Pulga” and Antonela, celebrating his father’s free kick goal 42 minutes into the first half, which gave […]

Messi surpasses Bailey

Messi surpasses Bailey Golden Goat Author: Liu Yi 2020-12-23 Messi represented Barcelona in the 749th game, scoring 644 goals.Pele has played 757 times on behalf of the Santos Club and scored 643 goals Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liu Yi Messi ushered in a milestone this morning. He scored 644 goals for Barcelona, ​​breaking the world […]

Coquimbo 0, Junior 1: a sad victory

Another illusion that vanished. Another dream that got away. Junior closed 2020 with a sad victory. Despite beating Coquimbo Unido 1-0 last night, at the Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso municipal stadium, the rojiblanco team said goodbye to the Copa Sudamericana in the quarterfinals by losing 2-1 in the first leg at the Metropolitano stadium. The Chilean […]

The seven reasons for Junior’s elimination

The ‘tenth’ will have to wait. Junior saw his dream of reaching his fourth consecutive League final cut short, after falling 2-1 against América de Cali, at the Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium, in a match wrapped up in vicissitudes, errors and controversies, which ended up condemning the ‘Tiburon’. It was not easy for the rojiblanco […]