Mourning Róbert Alföldi –

Just like two years ago, now he once again had to say goodbye to someone important to him To Róbert Alföldi. Róbert Alföldi (Press Club RTL Club) The actor-director shared the news on his social media page that his former high school Hungarian teacher had passed away. Mihályné Erzsébet Molnár Bácskaito whom he owes many […]

Scheibbs – After a fatal accident: “Nobody can understand it”

Especially in the rural population, the two boys and their families were also an integral part of social life. Both were active in the country youth and the folk dance group. The 22-year-old was only recently elected chairman of the Original Scheibbser Schuhplattler group. Many grave candles, flowers, pictures and decorated stones at the accident […]

Index – Sport – The hereditary honorary president of MLSZ has died

The website of the MLSZ highlighted: György Szilágyi played a significant role in Hungarian football for many decades, held several functions in the organization and was a member of the presidency for 22 years. He translated the international rules of the sport into Hungarian, making use of his training as a referee and his language […]

John Travolta has spoken candidly about the loss of his wife

It’s been two years since Kelly Preston died of breast cancer at the age of 57 – the actress left behind two children, as well as her beloved husband John Travolta, who to this day has not really gotten over the loss of his love. It’s terrible what the actor went through As an actor, […]

Twin Peaks actor Lenny Von Dohlen has died

Actor Lenny Von Dohlen died at the age of sixty-three. He died at his home in Los Angeles after a long illness, reports His first role appeared in 1981 The Kent students in the television movie, but the breakthrough came in 1984 Computer love brought in his career. Later, he appeared in such successful […]

Stranger Things 4 Depression Subplot: Not Entirely Successful

Max Mayfield’s journey through grief in Stranger Things 4 ended unjustly.Image: Netflix “If you were presented with a life threatening situation, would you make an effort to save yourself?” That’s a question a therapist might ask you after you disclose suicidal ideation. It also happens to be the thesis statement of Max Mayfield’s journey through […]

Péter Kőváry, a former frontman of Neo, died at the age of 50

Péter Kőváry, a musician, died after a long-term serious illness. The news was announced on Facebook by his brother, Zoltán Kőváry, also a musician. Kőváry died at the age of 50 among his family. Kőváry has been a well-known face in Hungarian light music for many years. He started in the band Rag Doll with […]

Velvet – Rubber Sugar – Ibolya Oláh mourns her musician

Szabolcs Ducsai, a permanent member of the Budapest Jazz Orchestra and Studio 11, died tragically suddenly at the age of 47. The famous jazz trumpet player The song He appeared alongside Ibolya Oláh in the first broadcast of this year’s show. The Hungarian Jazz Association was the first to publish the news about the musician’s […]