Saarbrücken IT company has been successful for 30 years

Rewrite this content Jan 22, 2023 at 2:18 p.m IT company from Saarbrücken : ZWF Group has been successful for 30 years Leading the fortunes of the ZWF Group: Ewald Weber (left) and Willi Zimmerling (right) founded the IT company in Saarbrücken in 1992. Photo: Udo Rau Saarbrucken The ZWF Group from Saarbrücken has been […]

The Vodafone Group is starting downsizing

Rewrite this content The British Vodafone Group is preparing for the biggest wave of downsizing in the past five years, after the company has survived an extremely difficult year 2022, even compared to the industry average, writes the Financial Times, citing unnamed internal sources. In response to the difficulties, the company is trying to improve […]

The Don Bosco Theater Group represents the musical ‘Peter Pan’

Moment of the show / Jimenez Rodriguez The benefits collected will go to the ‘Amorevolezza’ project The Don Bosco Theater Group performed the musical ‘Peter Pan’ on 2 occasions this weekend, filling the Don Bosco Theater on both dates and reaping resounding success. The proposal by the theater company, which belongs to the Santo Domingo […]

Fabasoft and Wirecard vs. Snapchat and RIB Software – annotated week 47 Peer Group Watch Computer, Software & Internet

11/26/2022, 13044 characters In the weekly view, the leaders are: Fabasoft 12.71% ahead of Wirecard 6.67%, Nvidia 3.83%, Rocket Internet 2.88%, Microsoft 2.42%, Twitter 2.4%, United Internet 1.1%, LinkedIn 0.82%, GoPro 0.55%, Alibaba Group Holding 0.44%, Altaba 0.41%, Nintendo 0.1%, Dropbox 0.04%, Xing 0%, Alphabet -0.17%, Facebook -0.87%, Pinterest -1.3%, SAP -2.06%, Amazon -3.08%, Zalando […]

Alibaba Group Holding and Nintendo vs. Zalando and Snapchat – annotated week 46 Peer Group Watch Computer, Software & Internet

11/19/2022, 19279 characters In the weekly view, ahead is: Alibaba Group Holding 13.72% ahead of Nintendo 2.5%, Twitter 2.4%, Alphabet 1.11%, LinkedIn 0.82%, Pinterest 0.74%, Altaba 0.41%, Fabasoft 0.11%, Xing 0%, Wirecard 0%, SAP -0.77%, Facebook -0.86%, Rocket Internet -1.41%, Microsoft -2.38%, United Internet -2.44% , Dropbox -3.38%, GoPro -4.03%, Nvidia -5.62%, RIB Software -5.99%, […]

30th Munich Management Colloquium, TCW Transfer Center for Production Logistics and Technology Management GmbH & Co. KG, press release

The 30th Munich Management Colloquium will take place on March 7th – 8th, 2023. Under this year’s theme: “Innovation – Sustainability – Resilience – Growth through new value models”, more than 80 renowned executives from different industries will present their solution concepts. The value compass must be revised even in the most successful companies – […]