The AirPods Max headphones at €459 instead of €629 (-27%)

This is the biggest discount ever on Apple’s headphones from an official retailer: at €459, the AirPods Max are displayed at -27% today at Amazon. The normal price is €629 on the Apple Store. Only the green color is affected by this offer. A price of 529.98 € is proposed for the blue model, but […]

Large Capacity iPad Pro Deals

Multiple super-capacity iPad Pro models are on sale this week at Amazon. iPad Pro 11″ Wi-Fi 1TB is €1,524.49 (silver), iPad Pro 11″ Wi-Fi 2TB is €1,886.22 (silver) instead of €2,109 , space gray) instead of €1,669 (-9%), the iPad Pro 11″ 5G 1TB is €1,599 (silver) instead of €1,839 (-13%), and the iPad Pro […]

Apple drops new iPhones and iPads in Russia

There should be a new iPhone SE as well as the iPad Air 5 on the program of the Apple spring conference expected for the month of March or April: Apple has just registered new references with theEurasian Economic Commission, which has revealed for several years the deposits of Apple before the marketing of the […]

The golden age of ceramics, a parallel story

CRITICAL – This art which comes from prehistory has not always had the honors of institutions. The Museum of Modern Art in Paris celebrates it with 350 astonishing works. It is always difficult, even risky, to trace the history of ceramics in an exhibition, whether it is long, diverse, sharp, beautiful or strange. In 2016, […]

The 2021 MacBook Pro 16 ” dismantled by iFixit

After a battery snapshot released earlier this week, iFixit is back this weekend with a complete teardown of the 2021 MacBook Pro 16.2 “and we can make some interesting discoveries there. In addition to the battery which can now be replaced much more easily thanks to the tabs on which you just have to pull, […]

Mock on Twitter for an Apple rag that costs € 25

Several days ago Apple announced the launch of its new products for the 2021-22 season, among which it highlighted a cleaning cloth that costs 25 euros and that, in addition, is already sold out. Faced with this product, Twitter users have not taken long to comment and call it “Ipaño” or “Itrapo”. They have even […]

AirPods Pro 2 with a leaked new case?

After the AirPods 3 this year, it will be the turn of the AirPods Pro 2 to hit the track next year, according to many rumors. Today, the MacRumors site is sharing images with us that are supposed to show us these future models. The headphones would look a lot like the current models: it […]

Driver Installation Guide for Dell Dual Video USB Docking Station D1000

Resolution The Dell Dual Video USB Docking Station D1000 is powered by DisplayLink technology that enables USB docking functions. The universal docking solution allows multiple USB monitors, audio devices, Ethernet, and other peripherals to connect to computers via USB. Note: For optimal performance, Dell recommends updating the chipset driver and BIOS on your computer before […]

Market Tavern, the pub spirit wins Los Angeles

Every day since 1934, at the corner of 3 rd and Fairfax, The Original Farmers Market brings together everything that makes up the soul of Los Angeles: vibrancy, cultural eclecticism and a cheerful mishmash. Alongside the food brands that make up the identity of this old farmer’s market, many restaurants, grocery stores, art galleries, bookstores […]