Justice forces the youtuber ‘NauterPlay’ to upload a video reading his conviction for insulting the influencer ‘Wismichu’

A court in Barcelona has issued a pioneering sentence that forces the youtuber ‘NauterPlay’ to read on his channel his sentence for insulting another youtuber, ‘Wismichu’, in several videos. The judge understands that ‘NauterPlay’ violated ‘Wismichu”s honor by referring to him in several videos as “fool, coward, piece of shit, bastard” and, in addition to […]

How to change your mortgage smoothly with the Euribor triggered

The rapid rise in the Euribor, the main reference index for determining mortgage interest, which has shot up more than three points so far this year after exceeding 2.62% at the end of October, has caused a barrage of requests for changes in the conditions of this type of credit that everything indicates that it […]

Adapted physical activity bonus, what it is and to whom it belongs

There will be one month to submit applications for the adapted physical activity bonus, a facility provided for by the 2022 Budget Law that covers the expenses incurred to carry out phisical exercises with a professional aimed at improving the quality of life in case of chronic illnesses or physical disabilities. The contribution covers the […]

CHTC women win 5:1 at the start

September 11, 2022 at 5:02 p.m Hockey : CHTC women win 5:1 at the start The 1st CHTC women’s team won the opening match against Essen with 5:1. Photo: Jochmann, Dirk (dj) Krefeld 1st men’s team convinces with six points in the double match day in Mannheim iDe .1 mfahntnaeacM-sDn sed eerdrefCl HTC ntkoen den […]

Marketing: Media Responses to New Advertiser Strategies

Changes in consumption habits, personalization, health crisis, omnichannel… Brands have had to adapt and review their communication strategy. Beyond the creation of new content, they have had to equip themselves with new tools, not only to disseminate their messages on all media, but also to measure their effectiveness. A digital transformation has therefore taken place […]

what it is and how to take it

Four people ended up in the emergency room yesterday in Belluno after eating fresh tuna in two different restaurants. As reported by the local press, people in the hospital have been suffering from scombroid syndrome, a food poisoning mainly caused by the consumption of seafood products containing high levels of histamine, but they were discharged […]

Germany impoverishes, and demands blood, sweat and tears | Opinion

As Germany impoverishes, research institutes and the business press are calling on the government to speak out and call for blood, sweat and tears, as Winston Churchill did in his spirited and somber 1940 speech: “Blood, sweat, tears…why Scholz should speak as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the Second World War”, claims […]