The Assange case reaches the epicenter: is it a political trial?

Edward Fitzgerald, Julian Assange’s lawyer before the extradition lawsuit filed by a US court, has asked the magistrate, Vanessa Baraitser, to reject the petition because the charges filed against the Wikileaks employer are political and as such are excluded from extradition treaties between countries and specifically in Article 4 of the one signed in 2003 […]

Assange’s defense blames others for putting lives in danger

The newspaper ‘The Guardian’, which participated in the international consortium of newspapers that published a selection of diplomatic cables obtained by ‘Wikileaks’ in 2010, has denied being responsible for revealing the identity of the sources of information obtained by the embassies of States United, against what was argued by Julian Assange’s defense in the case […]

Argentina blames the IMF for its economic crisis

The Minister of Economy of Argentina, Martín Guzmán, presented on Wednesday to Congress the details of thecountry debt restructuring planthat the government isnegotiating with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), who has been responsible for the debt crisis, since “it is important” to take this situation into account if you want to “do things right in […]

The GSMA meets today to assess the situation of Mobile

It seems difficult at this point to find someone who says 100% that it is a good idea to keep the Mobile World Congress celebration. The defection for fear of the coronavirus is so profound that the organizers of the technological event have succumbed to their resistance and will address the next day 14 the […]

David Foster Wallace Suicide and Lessons: Letters

John ZieglerCamarillo, Calif. My husband died by suicide in August 2019, following intensive drug treatment and counseling for a major depression disorder. Like most survivors of suicide, I (and our family) have regret and guilt that there was something else that could be done to protect and save from depression. You had the right article […]

Lorenzo Castillo: “In Madrid we have become accustomed to aesthetic dislikes because of politicians” | ICON Design

In the introduction of the book that brings together some of Lorenzo Castillo’s best works (Ediciones el Viso, 2017), the specialist Michael Boodro emphasized the transatlantic quality of the Madrid decorator: “The predilection for the ingenious and the extravagant, its exuberance and humor and Lorenzo Castillo’s cheerful mixture of ostentation and moderation have always led […]