Al-Qaradawi’s death and the end of an era! | The Middle East

What I meant by the title “Expiration” is gloating or curing, and I have no reason for that. But for 3 decades and more, the man was the title of an era, as one of the greatest spokesmen and representatives of awakening, cultural, political, and sometimes jihadist Islam! This is due to 4 reasons; The […]

monkey | The Middle East

In Lebanon, there is a popular ironic proverb that is “like a monkey”. It is said about the person who was rumored to be in poor health, then he is seen jogging in the street, or as he pounces on a stuffed lamb, or a tray of kofta and potatoes, and then it is said, […]

UAE .. A financial manager embezzles 11 million dirhams and escapes

Khabarni – The competent court in Dubai, in the UAE, sentenced a financial manager of a major commercial establishment in absentia to three years in prison, after being convicted of embezzling 11 million and 97 thousand dirhams, equivalent to three million dollars, and fleeing to his country. The local newspaper, “Al-Khaleej”, reported on Monday that […]

We need to talk to Putin before it’s too late

US researcher: Moscow must not be pushed into a state of strategic despair… Kiev cannot be allowed to reckless Scholar Simon Servati, professor of foreign relations at Old Dominion University in the US, believes that Russia will certainly be the main loser in the war against Ukraine, regardless of what happens next, but the need […]

Flaubert Camel Herder | The Middle East

“East” is an ambiguous term without limits or definitions. There is the Near, Middle, and Far East, each with its own geographical definition of legend, magic, and dubious trade. “By the East” may mean Chinese wisdom and Confucius, or “One Thousand and One Nights” and the vulgarity of the nights. And as soon as you […]

Did Germany burn the quilt «Brotherhood»?

Did the German state wake up after decades of slumber in the lap of the Muslim Brotherhood? We know that Germany, like Switzerland and Britain, are among the first immigrants of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Western world.The German embrace of the “Brotherhood” is old, especially the Brotherhood of Egypt and Syria, as is the […]

funny trade | The Middle East

Art Beckwald was the undisputed prince of humorous writing in the American press in the last century. His column in the “Washington Post” was published at the same time in 550 publications around the world. In a new autobiographical book, “Funny Trade: The Legendary Life of Art Backwald,” a re-history of a man who has […]

18 thousand bottles of alcohol seized from a Gulf country • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Customs in Kuwait announced the seizure of 3 containers coming from Gulf countries, containing a large amount of liquor that was secretly hidden, and in a very difficult way, forcing them to seek the assistance of firefighters, according to the Kuwaiti “Al-Qabas”. In the details of the two large seizures, a report was […]