When asking millions – suddenly the candidate jumps up from the chair –

“Who wants to be a millionaire”: Candidate is asked the million dollar question – suddenly he jumps up from his chair on 28.06.2020 at 08:32 a.m. “Who wants to be a millionaire” candidate Sebastian Langrock surprises Günther Jauch when he asks the million dollar question. Because the candidate jumps up from the chair. Photo: TVNOW […]

5 Tricks to Manage Eating Portions to Reduce Body Weight

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The main rule for being healthier and fitter is to eat cleanly. That means eat foods that contain less herbs, sugar, oil, and fat, which are very important for reducing weight and preventing disease. In addition, how much you eat is also important. It’s too easy to eat too much without realizing […]

What do we lose when we stop touching each other | Good Life

Due to the coronavirus crisis, BuenaVida is not in kiosks. Download it free here Three relatives. They are the assistants to funerals that were allowed in the Spain of the covid-19 before phase 1. All properly distanced from each other. “It is one of the regrets that are coming the most: the pain for the […]

Hand waves, group photos, and shield swapping prohibited

To get the go-ahead for its resumption, the Bundesliga presented a very strict sanitary protocol, which will direct almost all aspects of the lives of players and coaches. “The objective could not be to guarantee 100% security for each one,” said the German Football League (DFL), which produced a 51-page document to convince the public […]

Johnson won’t open hand until virus recoil

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, will present next week a map with various options for the relaxation of the partial confinement of the population, as announced this Thursday at his first press conference in five weeks. The map will contemplate the activation of the economy, the reopening of schools and how to use transportation […]

Peace without family – Culture / Next

Here is an album which should make smile in the cottages. “Leave me alone” are the words that parents and children ruminate on during this confined period. A barely muffled cry against those we love and hate at the same time. It is also the title of this album written and illustrated by Galia Bernstein. […]

The S&P Merval stood out: it had the highest rise since 2008 by banks and YPF

Also stimulated by the rise in the CCL dollar (which set a new record), the S&P Merval index of the Argentine Stock Exchanges and Markets (BYMA) flew 10.27% to 33,064.84 units, representing the highest advance in local currency since October 14, 2008 (a day in which the leading panel climbed 10.99%) in the midst of […]