The rediscovered happiness of book buyers

From the first hour, the queue stretches on the sidewalk of avenue Daumesnil (Paris 12e) in front of the Atout Livre brand. The safety distances are more or less respected; wearing a more random mask. At the entrance, the bookstores set up a small table with a reminder of health rules. Everyone is invited to […]

AMLO proposes to measure happiness and well-being of the people and not GDP

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, assured that the measurement of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) should be eliminated and the focus should be on measuring the well-being and happiness of Mexicans. During his morning conference, the president pointed out that, “We walk in that”He also explained that his government is applying an alternative economic model, far […]

Richard Mervyn Hare, ethics at heart

Said law or guillotine de Hume does not cut heads: only undue conclusions or inferences. Those who move from “what is” to “what must be”, from what describes a fact (Paul is a doctor) in what is an imperative or a prescription (Anna must close the window). This “cut” is not so simple. May Paul […]

“Waiters have gone from vendors of happiness to expendables,” says Josep Roca

It was the great pending revolution in gastronomy and it has stopped dead. Hosts, ringmasters, storytellers, choreographers, confessors, or deacons. Just as the waiters began to shake off the sambenito of mere carriers that the Nouvelle Cuisine endorsed them, the health emergency puts them back on the brink of pillory. What role will they have […]

When Lupe Sino wished Manolete: “Ah, if I smiled”

ZABALA DE LA SERNA @zabaladelaserna Updated Friday, one may 2020 –17:26 EFE Lupe Sino wants it before meeting him. «I go crazy when I fight. Look, in the Charity run (…) I couldn’t contain myself and I shouted: ‘You are the greatest thing in the world’.He looked at me, thanked me, very attentive but without […]

this year, lily of the valley does not bring good luck to florists

It is likely that the email messages from this 1er may take with them many photographs or drawings of lily of the valley. The flower symbol of this unemployed day will indeed be much less easy to buy, closing of the florists and prohibition of the sale by the private individuals oblige. → LIVE. Coronavirus: […]

Unwanted child? Todorenko is pregnant second

Hundreds of fans noticed Regina’s rounded stomach. Recently, more and more rumors have been born about a new round of quarrels in the marriage of Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov. The public and the media are competing to guess why the couple is delaying the seemingly obvious divorce. At the same time, the presenter for […]