What to eat and how many times a week

The healthy lifestyle don’t just stick to one healthy food and to physical exercise, which also, but must include uses and customs, culinary techniques, a hydration correct, socialization, emotional balance and energy balance so as not to gain weight … All this creates a set and a everything that will guide our lifestyle throughout our […]

8 Benefits of Eating Watermelon for Health

Harianjogja.com, JAKARTA– In Indonesia, one of the fruits that is easy to find is watermelon. Its delicious and refreshing taste makes it a perfect snack in hot weather. Of course, watermelon has health benefits for the body. What are the health benefits? The following list is summarized from Health. 1. Hydrates the body Consuming adequate […]

Basic foods to maintain a healthy diet in summer

05/08/2020 05:00 – Updated: 08/05/2020 08:28 The ancient Roman legions used to fall ill and die during long periods away from home. Not only because of the battles they waged, but also as a result of the contamination of the rivers near the camps, from which they drank and bathed to endure the heat. In […]

Healthy diet only available to the rich | Future Planet

In the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, the latest UN report on hunger and nutrition leaves us with a bleak picture that only contributes to making it worse: hunger continues to increase in the world and only the rich can afford a healthy diet, which represents at least five times more than the paltry $ […]

Coronavirus: Do Coffee Components Help Counteract COVID-19?

Dr. Elmer Huerta answered this question in a new edition of Sanamente. In the midst of the fight against the pandemic for coronavirus Not only have miraculous remedies emerged to cure the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2, healing qualities have also been attributed to foods such as coffee. A viewer asked the doctor Elmer Huerta […]

Parents Need to Know the Condition of Mental Health Children

Merdeka.com – Not only physical health, children’s mental health is also a matter that needs attention. This condition can determine in various circumstances, including in the era of adaptation of new habits at this time. Child psychologist from the Indonesian Clinical Psychologist Association, Annelia Sani Sari said, there are special features to recognize a mentally […]

Three billion people cannot afford a healthy diet | Future Planet

A Bangladeshi family who have been left with little rice to swallow by successive floods. A teenage girl from the Central African Republic who only finds sorghum porridge in the displaced persons camp where she has taken refuge from the war. Some college roommates in Argentina who are only given their scholarships to eat pasta […]

How should we handle quarantined feeding? – Lifetime

Plan M together with nutritionist Laura Cruz provide some recommendations to keep in mind in isolation, time in which you can feel more anxiety about the closure and also, the desire to take advantage of the quarantine to lose a few kilos. More hours of sleep, less physical activity, teleworking, children without classes and more […]

Avocado’s Appeals, These 5 Health Benefits – All Pages

BolaStylo.com – Avocados that we often find in fruit ice or juice are found to have a lot of nutritional content. Nutrition in avocados has a myriad of health benefits for the body. Here, there are five benefits you can feel by consuming avocados: 1. Healthy heart Avocados have natural plant sterols derived from plants […]