Diets that seem healthy but are dangerous

Changes in daily routines, schedules, and Feeding Habits they cause an average of two to three kilos to gain weight between July and August. These are months in which, especially during the holidays, alcohol intake increases, people eat away from home more often and treats in the form of ice cream, sweets or soft drinks […]

[Psychiatrist teaches]Claimer who puts himself on the shelf and says “selfish justification” … How to deal with “unfortunate people” who can’t keep their promises | Psychiatrist Tomy teaches how to let go of mental baggage | Diamond Online

No worries or worries. Sometimes I can’t sleep because I remember unpleasant things before going to bed…Therefore, I would like to refer to the moving novel that has been reprinted and received many favorable reviews.“How to let go of mental baggage taught by psychiatrist Tomy”(Diamond). Gay coming out, widowed partner, onset of depression…Persuasive words backed […]

Current diets are not much healthier today than they were thirty years ago

On a scale of 0 to 100 of how well people adhere to recommended diets, with 0 being a poor diet (think excessive consumption of sugar and processed meats), and 100 representing the recommended balance of fruits, vegetables, legumes/fruits dry and whole grains, most countries would score around 40.3. Globally, this represents a small, but […]

7 signs that we are healthy

the health of the World Health Organization; “not merely the absence of disease or infirmity; Reminding that he defines it as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, Prof. Dr. Derya Uludüz drew attention to the clues that will enable you to find out whether you fit this definition or not. Nazan DOĞANER […]

Calm Amid Disease Outbreaks, 5 Tips To Avoid Contagion And Keep Your Body Healthy

BANDUNG EYE – In the midst of a disease outbreak that is still actively spreading, it is certainly our concern to keep the body healthy. The importance of a healthy body condition will certainly help keep transmission from disease outbreaks. Compiled by PMJ News from various sources, Thursday, August 4, 2022, there are several tips […]

It’s not enough to maintain a healthy diet if you don’t exercise, study warns

Scientists have discovered that just eating well or just doing physical activity is not enough to prevent disease (Photo: Freepik) Eating only healthy foods or exercising alone is not enough to prevent chronic diseases, shows a study published on July 10 in the scientific journal British Journal of Sports Medicine. Contrary to popular belief, just […]