How should we handle quarantined food? – Lifetime

Plan M together with the nutritionist Laura Cruz provide some recommendations to keep in mind in the middle of isolation, time in which you can feel more anxiety about the confinement and also, the desire to take advantage of the quarantine to lose a few kilos. More hours of sleep, less physical activity, teleworking, children […]

Health risks and care of hypotension or low blood pressure – Health

Paradoxically, everyone wants to have low blood pressure because it has always been believed that it is life insurance. However, not all that glitters is gold and hypotension – as it is known – causes some people problems, dizziness or fainting. Even in very serious cases, low blood pressure can be life threatening. Specifically, we […]

10 healthy habits to reinforce or incorporate in 2021

If something reminded us of 2020, it is that having health is the most important. And although there are issues that are beyond our control, the risk of suffering from multiple chronic diseases (such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer) can be reduced with the incorporation of healthy habits that […]

These vitamins and minerals give your resistance a boost

Did you know that not only vitamins C and D support your resistance, but that there are seven other vitamins and minerals that do the same? We list them all for you: 1. Vitamin C Vitamin C can protect you from pathogens or shorten the length of time you are sick. Citrus fruits are known […]

Breast cancer survivors have a harder time getting pregnant but tend to have healthy babies

ABC Family Madrid Updated:12/12/2020 01:20h save Related news A large meta-analysis of breast cancer survivors of childbearing age has shown that they are less likely than the general public to become pregnant and have a increased risk of certain complications, such as premature delivery. However, the majority of those who become pregnant deliver healthy babies and […]

Healthy eating: 5 tips to add motivation

“Today is Friday, I relax for the weekend and on Monday I start the diet.” Who has not made that promise internally repeatedly? And who has not systematically raped her on several occasions? The vast majority will surely raise their hands to both questions. “When initiating a change of habits it is very common that […]