Impact of Covid-19, Long-Term Cardiovascular Complications

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – University of Washington study results in the United States show infection corona virus can directly infect the heart tissue and contribute to cardiac dysfunction in all organs. Charles Murry and colleagues found that the virus directly infects cardiomyocytes, impairs its electrophysiological and contractile properties, and ultimately causes cell death. “These results support […]

Exercises to burn abdominal fat from home in just ten minutes

You are probably reading these lines because you ‘gordominal’ it is growing exponentially and you want to remedy it. The extension of your midsection may be due to of the reasons. One of them, although it sounds cliché, is the aging. As we add years there is a lost of muscle mass, a series of […]

What if covid-19 becomes a chronic disease

27 August 2020 13:25 Symptoms started in March, says Laura, a British girl of about 25. At first it just seemed like a bad flu: dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, loss of smell, “horrible nausea” and general fatigue. After three weeks of rest, things began to improve. But five months later, she still hasn’t […]

check the result of the draw for Saturday August 22, 2020

22/08/2020 21:29 – Updated: 08/23/2020 03:03 The lucky combination of the Primitiva corresponding to this Saturday, August 22, is formed by the numbers 10, 12, 14, 31, 33, 40, the complementary 8 and the refund 3. For his part, the Joker has relapsed into the number 5222218. In tonight’s draw you can get 6.600.000 euros, […]

How to lose 50 kilos by eating homemade food and without extra exercise

Although Pratima Lokwani is only 25 years old, the truth is that she has always known that she was overweight. He is only 1.60 tall, but weighed more than 112 kilos, obviously something excessive given his small stature. That is why he made the determination to lose weight and return to a weight much more […]

Basic foods to maintain a healthy diet in summer

05/08/2020 05:00 – Updated: 08/05/2020 08:28 The ancient Roman legions used to fall ill and die during long periods away from home. Not only because of the battles they waged, but also as a result of the contamination of the rivers near the camps, from which they drank and bathed to endure the heat. In […]

The exercises to lose weight you should do once you are over 40

Many people believe that regular exercise is the solution to all health problems, even those related to natural aging process. Of course, it is an irreversible effect that we are all bound to go through sooner or later. However, there are certain types of workouts that can prevent the most typical diseases derived from the […]

Cannabis Triggers Heart and Blood Vessel Damage, Really? Page all – The controversy about marijuana seems endless. The latest news comes from the results of scientific research American Heart Association, United States about marijuana. “The American Heart Association recommends avoiding marijuana use in all its forms. “ “Because, the content in marijuana has the potential to cause damage to the heart, lungs and blood […]