Donate my organs when I die, what do I need to know?

They say that the human being is made up of body and soul. With the second, after hundreds of thousands of years of existence, we still don’t really know what happens after death, or even what it is. Everyone has their own theory and belief. In the case of the body, things are less complicated. […]

From tomorrow free cardiological visits on the Facsal and “card” of the heart

After the great success of the previous editions, the extraordinary National Cardiovascular Prevention Campaign “Truck Tour Banca del Cuore 2022”, part of the broader “National Cardiovascular Prevention Project Banca del Cuore”, restarts by popular demand in Italy. Piacenza will host the Prevention Truck from 11 to 13 May. The initiative is promoted by the “Foundation […]

15 Signs of an Unhealthy Heart All – An unhealthy heart has many signs, but not all of them occur in the chest, so it’s not always easy to detect. Collect The HealthyTherefore, heart disease is also known as a type of silent myocardial infarction (SMI). Silent myocardial ischemia is a condition where there is reduced flow of oxygen-rich blood to […]

First person to receive pig heart transplant dies presumably from swine virus

PRFMNEWS – A man named David Bennet was horrendous some time ago for being the first person to undergo a pig heart transplant procedure in January 2022. The 57-year-old man is now reported to have died in March after two months of living with pig hearts. His transplant surgeon said that David died of the […]

Man Who Received Pig Heart Transplant Allegedly Dies of Swine Virus

WASHINGTON DC, – The 57-year-old patient who famously survived two months after undergoing a pig heart transplant died from the swine virus, according to his transplant surgeon. In January, David Bennett, a man suffering from heart failure, underwent experimental surgery at the University of Maryland medical center. There, doctors performed a genetically modified pig […]

Elsa Pataky puts words to her love for actor Chris Hemsworth

He is one of the great faces known internationally and his marriage is one of the most interesting in the gossip press. This Wednesday Chance was able to talk to elsa pataky and has revealed what her relationship with Chris Hemsworth is like, what her vacations in Fiji have been like, and her new projects. […]

Causes of Heart Disease of Various Kinds – The cause of heart disease depends on the type, which is important for us to know. Heart disease is a variety of problems that refers to various heart conditions. Types of heart disease include: Coronary artery disease Arrhythmia Heart failure Peripheral artery disease Congenital heart disease Cardiomyopathy heart valve disease Heart infection Collect […]

In Johnson’s Easter message a phrase in Ukrainian – Europe

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a sentence in his Easter address in Ukrainian. In a greeting, posted on twitter and mostly in English, the prime minister in a blue jacket with the coats of arms of the UK and Ukraine said in Ukrainian: “Be strong and have courage in your heart.” The video also […]