Heat supply is restored throughout Prague. The outage affected 20,000 households

“The cause is a leak in the pipeline. The pipeline burst and it was necessary to shut down those areas that are currently without supplies,” said the head of the heat sales department, Pavel Maďar, in the morning. The company supplies heat to approximately 230,000 households. According to the company’s dispatch center, it was a […]

Germany will cap gas prices two months early

From January, industrial customers will also pay reduced prices, but the maximum price, as in the case of households, will cover part of the average annual consumption. The government wants to encourage customers to save. Just a week ago, political representatives were talking about the possibility that lower prices for households could start to apply […]

Churches in the heating crisis: ceiling instead of heating – mountains of hate

*** Worship in the parish hall has been practiced in the Evangelical Lutheran parish of Ebern for many years. There is enough space for 30 to 40 churchgoers, reports Mrs. Anne Scharpf. Without knowing any numbers, she is certain: “We are making enormous savings in energy costs.” This will also happen in the Christ Church, […]

COP27 climate summit: latest news live

France promotes an alliance to protect global carbon reserves The French president, Emmanuel Macron, met this Monday at the Climate Summit (COP27) with leaders from various parts of the world to promote an international alliance with which to protect the so-called vital carbon reserves, which include, for example, forests primary and jungles. Colombia, Costa Rica, […]

COP27: Countries discuss the climate again while extreme heat grips the planet

Some 200 countries flock to Egypt for the COP27 Climate Summit. They arrive after a year in which the planet warned that it is overheating at an accelerated rate. Historic heat waves, temperature records, fires and droughts remind governments that their plans improved to contain climate change are not enough. The warning from science: We […]

sun and exceptional temperatures in the South

After an already mild Saturday, Sunday will again be marked by very mild temperatures for mid-October, with a heat worthy of a month of July in Aquitaine. Under the effect of an anticyclone which swells from northern Africa to southern Europe, very hot air will rise from the Sahara to the south of France, announces […]

Workplaces will be able to be colder than before

According to the regulation, for example, the lowest permitted temperature for drivers, assembly line workers or cashiers should drop from the current 18 to 16 degrees Celsius. It will be able to drop from 20 to 18 degrees in the changing rooms, from 22 to 19 degrees in the washrooms, from 25 to 19 degrees […]

Health Network “Dumplings are high in calories, how many should you eat?A nutritionist teaches you to calculate the “just amount” – LOHAS Diet – Free Health Network

The nutritionist said that the ground meat in dumplings has a high oil content and a low protein ratio. It is recommended that it be matched with suitable high-protein foods to maintain muscle mass and basal metabolism. (Picture taken from photoAC) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]I like to eat dumplings, be careful to eat too much! Kant […]