Atakpamé: New high school graduates discussed on the promotion of social cohesion

The NGO Organization for Integral Human Development (ODHI) exchanged from Monday September 11 to Friday September 15 in Atakpamé with young committed high school graduates from the Ogou 1 commune on participation and citizen commitment to the promotion of social cohesion. This meeting is part of the implementation of the “Young Committed Bachelor (JBE)” project […]

Drunk driver causes high-damage accident in Wyhlen – Grenzach-Wyhlen

Just under 1.8 per mille at the wheel With around 1.8 per mille in her blood, a 26-year-old driver caused an accident in Wyhlen on Tuesday evening with a total damage of around 25,000 euros and was slightly injured. According to the police report, the 26-year-old disregarded the right of way of a 45-year-old car […]

Oil consumption is at a record high

Bloomberg 20.09.2023 • 11:33 The oil majors say they support the transition to cleaner forms of energy, but on the condition that the oil will continue to play a key role for several decades to come. In the World Petroleum Congresswhich is being held these days in Calgary, Canada, its leaders Saudi Aramco and her […]

The Constitutional Court, showing absolute arbitrariness, deviates from its high mission. The statement of the NA factions “Armenia” and “I have an honor”.

The “Armenia” and “I have honor” factions of the National Assembly appeal to the local and international organizations dealing with issues of ensuring the rule of law and authorized to condemn the illegal behavior of the current political power and the latter’s self-serving judicial and law enforcement bodies and officials, as well as to demand […]

How to Wear High Boots with Bare Legs in September

September 15, 2023 09:16 Knee-length leather boots are an indispensable attribute of every autumn-winter season. At the same time, you can start wearing them now, without waiting for the cold weather. How? With short skirts and bare legs, just like the most stylish street style stars do. Of course, this combo is hardly suitable for […]

Concern in the rice sector due to high temperatures

The rice union of the department of Huila is already beginning to feel the pain due to the strong dry season that is being experienced. They claim that there has been a decrease in flow in the irrigation systems and that their energy costs have increased. The weather is expected to improve in the second […]