7 True Stories Too Ridiculous To Make History Movies

Sometimes reality can be more incredible than fiction. They say that history and life can be too boring to make a movie out of it, so it has to be dramatized and enriched to be entertaining. However, in some cases, the reality is so unbelievable that it would take the film’s dramaturgy in a different […]

profile of Gina Lollobrigida, one of the great divas in history

Rewrite this content A new star shines in the sky of the legends that built the history of Hollywood. Her roles as Esmeralda or Queen of Sheba elevated the Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida, who died on Monday at the age of 95, to the category of ‘sexual cone’. She was a mythical beauty who regretted […]

A dramatic confession by Anna Wyszkoni

Racibórz: Anna Wyszkoni (42) is one of the most popular singers in our country. The former singer of the band Łzy received a diagnosis of a malignant thyroid tumor in 2016. After surgery and recovery, depression hit her. In the latest interview, she talked about her struggle with this disease. – My first contact with […]

Index – Culture – An innocent classmate took the trouble

The last school day before the Christmas break is always more relaxed and informal. Young people don’t experience the study material given out for the break as a burden either, where is January? The corridors and classrooms of the building are adorned with festive decorations. This also makes the atmosphere more relaxed than otherwise. The […]

This is how Spain revolutionized medicine in the 16th century

The historian Gonzalo Gomez Garcia set out to debunk a myth about medicine: the one that says that “until the advent of penicillin, everything was bleeding and that they would immediately cut off your arm or do other lurid and horrifying things to you” if you were sick, and that “if you went into a […]

books and history

I get lost among the booths in Plaza Nueva, those vivid books, those jewels, and I love to stop and look. I don’t care if I find a book just like the one I keep – an inheritance from my father or my mother, a gift from my aunt Aurelia, who always gave us books, […]

Australia opposes to enter history

Tunisia 0 – 1 Australia Football The oceanic team will play the phase pass in the World Cup on the last day against Denmark after beating a sinking Tunisia Duke scoring the final 0-1 EFE It will be difficult to know how many people in Australia were in front of the television watching their team […]

When Russia conquered Finland

Sweden’s continued alliance with Great Britain caused concern in Russia, concerned about the growing British presence in the Baltic. Without access to that sea, Russia could neither develop its economy nor dream of projecting its status as a great European power. In the mid-18th century, Russia consolidated its presence in the Baltic, closely linked to […]

The FBI recovers a Hernán Cortés manuscript that was stolen in Mexico

It was just a humble request to buy sugar, but it was not signed by just anyone. In 1527, the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés sent his butler, Nicolás de Palacios Rubios, a message asking him to buy “pink sugar”. in the apothecary for a value of 12 gold pesos. On one side of the letter […]