While the covid arrives, the fastest vaccine in history turns 53

05/09/2020 13:43 – Updated: 09/10/2020 00:19 A pandemic had to come for the world to see a faster vaccine than the doctor got Maurice Hilleman against mumps and what it cost develop four years between 1963 and 1967. The longevity of its record is rare in an industry that has technologically advanced by leaps and […]

Big Apple: The man who reinvented New York for a dollar

AFrom European history we know the phenomenon of enlightened absolutism. In the 18th century, monarchs like Joseph II introduced progressive reforms in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy: arbitrary rule was to be ended, religious tolerance was to be encouraged. No more torture, no more witch trials – instead an expansion of the bureaucracy and compulsory schooling. The […]

A sensational discovery near Grunwald

The axes were found by Alexander Medvedev, a member of the search team who has been participating in the research for seven years. He told RMF FM journalists about his find. – In the swampy area, at a depth of about 80 centimeters, several meters apart, there were two battle axes. These are hatchets with […]

The birth certificates of the San Martín family are unveiled – Radioinforme 3

This Monday, as a reason for the commemoration of the 170 years From the passage to the immortality of José de San Martín, the Board of Historians of the Río de la Plata will reveal several birth certificates of the family of the Liberator of the Homeland. After many years of reconstruction and research, this […]

Medical history: Columbus did not introduce syphilis

Syphilis and its sister diseases may have been widespread in Europe earlier than previously thought. This is the conclusion reached by researchers at the University of Zurich. The thesis that Christopher Columbus and his passengers brought syphilis from America to Europe in 1493 is no longer sufficient, according to a study by researchers led by […]

Bitcoin and gold are losing, American stocks are missing the record

The US S&P 500 index, which covers the 500 largest listed companies in the US, approached historical highs at just 16 points during Tuesday’s trading. At the end of the session, however, it weakened significantly and depreciated 0.8 percent in a day. The Nasdaq technology index ended even worse by a percentage point. Gold, whose […]