Archaeologists Prove Sodomites Destroyed By Asteroids

Jakarta – The city of Sodom in the story of Prophet Lut, was destroyed by God punished by hail. The team of archaeologists proved that to be true. The hail is an asteroid. Archaeological excavations have revealed an air blast event from an asteroid that collided with Earth’s atmosphere, possibly causing the demise of civilization […]

Bundesliga club SC Freiburg says goodbye to the Dreisamstadion – football

An era comes to an end. The professionals of SC Freiburg will play a game against FC Augsburg (5:30 p.m.) for the last time in their familiar Dreisamstadion on Sunday. Memories of 67 years of football history. Scoring games The fans in the Dreisamstadion have seen many crazy games and seen countless goals. The highlights […]

Political History – Journal of the Sciences Po History Center

Created in 2007, the journal History @ Politics is edited by the Sciences Po History Center. Three times a year, it publishes issues devoted to research on politics, its history and its different configurations over time. It also broadcasts reports continuously.Previous issues are available on the website Under the direction of Fabien Conord and […]

An archaeological find in Spain revolutionizes rock art

The archaeological site of Siega Verde, in Salamanca, is considered one of the best open-air rock art galleries in all of Europe. Extending also in the Portuguese area, the Traces of our Paleolithic ancestors were fixed on its rocks to remain today as a pictorial treasure, to the point of being considered by Unesco World […]

The story of the woman who regretted winning the lottery | Trends

Margaret Loughrey had a stroke of luck when they came into her life 27 million pounds sterling (more than 142 billion Colombian pesos). She was unemployed and, for many, the money ‘fell like a glove’. But such an amount created several fears in him. Nor did she live quietly because she was the subject of […]

How Olatz Vázquez told about his illness on social networks

The deceased journalist and photographer, Olatz Vázquez, recounted her illness on Twitter for a year in all harshness The journalist and photographer Olatz Vázquez (Sopela, Vizcaya) shook Twitter with her story and her self-portraits through which, for more than a year, she has been showing all the rawness of the cancer she suffered. Olatz passed […]

Arestovich proposed to rename Ukraine into “Rus-Ukraine” / GORDON

“We need them [России] take away the brand “Russian” in the end. ”I am fighting for the correct name of the war:“ Russian-Russian war ”. [Точнее], “Rusko-Russian”, with a soft sign. Russia is we … Russians, Rusyns, as we were also called. I would change the name of the state, I would call us “Rus-Ukraine”, […]