Where does the name “Freiburg” come from?

It is made up of “free” and “castle”. “Free” because Freiburg received special rights and freedoms from the Zähringers when it was founded. “Castle”, however, did not mean the castle in the narrower sense, but it is the old word for “city”. So one would have to translate Freiburg today as “free city”. That’s why […]

The worst mistake in the history of the NBA draft

The NBA draft is one of the most important events that the Yankee basketball league has: that night, as happened last Wednesday when Leandro Bolmaro was chosen by the New York Knicks and immediately traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves, the franchises are distributed to the young stars. One by one, from the laziest to the […]

The story of the pilot absorbed by the window of the plane – News

The accident occurred during a flight that departed from the English airport of Birmingham to Malaga, Spain, while they were flying over the county of Oxfordshire. The windows of the airplane’s nose were detached and the cabin was depressurized. Despite having his seatbelt fastened, the pilot was violently sucked into one of the windows, while […]

Want more story-focused games? Let Microsoft know

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 10/11/2020 4:42 pm Tell Me Why, the most recent narrative adventure of Dontnod Entertainment, was published by Xbox Game Studios and released in Xbox Game Pass this year, and Microsoft wants to know how much you liked it. In a recent interview with VentureBeat, Peter Wyse, general manager of publishing […]

What are we supposed to call Kamala Harris’s husband?

The 2020 presidential election they have resulted in a series of first experiences for everyone. From about atypical choices in their development and logistics due to the Covid-19 pandemic, up to Donald Trump’s refusal to accept his defeat and validate the results. After a chaotic week full of uncertainty, Joe Biden became the 46th President […]

No, not only men were hunters: archaeological find …

Lesson one of the history lesson can be rewritten right away: men were apparently not only hunters in prehistoric times, and women were only collectors. At least, that’s what scientists wonder now that researchers have found a 9,000-year-old female skeleton, with complete hunting equipment next to her body. That men are hunters and go out […]

“The best of the Spanish contribution to universal science was made in America”

Related news José Manuel Sánchez Ron (Madrid, 1949) has just written the definitive work on the history of science in Spain. More than a thousand pages —notes included— that make up an ambitious essay full of fascinating characters, pioneering expeditions and notable advances, but which also exudes a certain pessimistic tone: that of the wishes […]