Comprehensive care: how it impacts people’s well-being | More Content

“Well-being is the ability that people have to judge that their life is going well” (Huppert & SO, 2013) and health, the ability to adapt and manage the physical, mental or social challenges that arise in life “(Huber et al, 2011). However, it is not always easy to know when “we are well” or “how […]

Rosario wins ‘MVP’ and enters the record book | Baseball 123

For the first time since 1999, Atlanta Braves they will go to World Series. The Braves beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series on Saturday night (ATL 4, LA 2), setting up a meeting with the Houston Astros in the Fall Classic. Once again the gardener Eddie Rosario […]

Video: in Mendoza there was a pitched battle in a women’s soccer match

Several players caught each other at the end of the first half of the classic between Godoy Cruz and Las Pumas for the Mendoza women’s soccer league. After a foul in the middle of the field, two footballers first verbally assaulted each other, then there were some shoves and finally they were taken with fists, […]

The successes were worth more than the mistakes and he continues on

If one reviews the numerous statistics left by yesterday’s crossing, it is difficult to find the reasons for the victory of Estudiantes by 2 to 1, which also meant the first fall of the premises in the Presbyter Bartolomé Grella. Patronato widely surpassed him in shots, in possession, in corner kicks and in all the […]

Video: plane passengers fight for a seat | Social Networks – People – Culture

A plane ride from New Orleans to Texas left some regrettable images that have turned social media upside down. (Read also: The invisible wings of El Dorado, from the lens of Ruven Afanador). Everything happened this Sunday, August 1. Flight 4698, of American Airlines, it arrived until Austin, in Texas, on time. The plane was […]

Hit and miss edition 2021

Social media Pools and beaches have always been one more escape every summer for many characters. Year after year, since the press of the heart exists, we have attended the summer inns of many of them. And now, With the expansion of the social network, there is no longer a body that resists showing us […]