Janssen stops research with experimental HIV vaccine

Janssen Stops Experimental HIV Vaccine NOS News•yesterday, 13:20 The pharmaceutical company Janssen has stopped an experimental vaccine against HIV, the virus that can cause AIDS. The vaccine had no harmful side effects, but was found to be ineffective against HIV by the US National Institutes of Health. Since 2019, the vaccine has been tested on […]

Blood donation – Restrictions on homosexual men are to be abolished

A high demand for blood products combined with a low willingness to donate is currently a challenge for the healthcare system in Germany. In order to increase the number of potential donors and also to end discrimination against homosexual men when donating blood, Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach has submitted an amendment to the […]

African women risk HIV through poverty

Private photo NOS News•Thursday, 06:41 Ellen van Gelder correspondent Afrika Saskia Houttuin correspondent Afrika Ellen van Gelder correspondent Afrika Saskia Houttuin correspondent Afrika How do you ensure that fewer young women become infected with the HIV virus? In Africa, where the number of infections is still rising in some countries, women are trying to turn […]

“Give yourself a gift, take the free HIV test”

Friday 2 December “Give yourself a gift, take the free HIV test”. The volunteers of the Treviso ANLAIDS association invite all citizens to participate in the prevention afternoon in the heart of Treviso. From 17 to 21 the rapid salivary test for HIV will be offered free of charge in Piazzetta Battistero (a few steps […]

“Spread of HIV among girls in Africa is a crisis of gender inequality”, says UNAIDS

Published in: 01/12/2022 – 14:55 On December 1st, World AIDS Day is celebrated, an epidemic that still kills around 650,000 people worldwide every year. In an interview with RFI, the director of Unaids, Winnie Byanyima, shows how the worsening of social inequalities has contributed to increase contamination, especially in Africa, the region of the world […]

World AIDS Day: 10 new HIV diagnoses in Piacenza in 2021

The number of people contracting HIV infection continues to decrease in Emilia-Romagna: in the last 16 years the trend has been steadily decreasing for both men and women, with new diagnoses more than halved, going from 368 of 2006 to 175 of 2021. In 2021 there were 10 new cases in Piacenza (incidence 3.5 per […]

HIV leaves a permanent memory in the cells

A scientific collaboration between the United States and Australia has discovered that HIV leaves permanent traces in the cells it infects. Scientists at George Washington University and their Australian colleagues have found that HIV permanently alters immune cells, exposing the body to chronic inflammation that does not go away when the infection is suppressed by […]

Post-AIDS diseases – Sciences et Avenir

The HIV responsible for AIDS is a virus which is particularly difficult to get rid of. Current antiretroviral therapies succeed after several years of treatment in keeping the pathogen under control, preventing it from replicating until it becomes undetectable in the patient’s body. As if the AIDS virus was still present Only, it happens that […]