UTMB 2023|The absence of K-God becomes a bigger melee

The annual international trail running event UTMB (Ultra-Mont Blanc Endurance Race) will start at 00:00 on September 2, Hong Kong time. Who are the runners worth paying attention to? Conference Tracking Site:https://live.utmb.world/utmb/2023/utmb UTMB is the most prestigious cross-country running event in the world. It is held in the European Alps and gathers a large number […]

Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 Sneaker New Color Baroque Brown Confirmed for Sale

As the spring and summer season comes to an end, major brands are preparing for the upcoming autumn and winter battles, and the much-anticipated autumn and winter series LookBook has finally been released recently. In addition to the top boutiques, Supreme, which is called the “highest”, will not be a step behind. On 14/8, it […]

Bill Gates’ visit to China has a higher reception standard than Musk

After Tesla (Tesla) CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk), Microsoft founder Bill. Gates (Bill Gates) visited China in June and met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the 16th, and received a higher standard of reception. According to public information, Musk’s trip focused on the “business” of electric vehicles, while Gates focused more on drug research […]

Dortmund Marco Reus: The highest talent is always regret|Bundesliga figures

In the Bundesliga, in 89 minutes, when Bayern Munich led Cologne again, the hearts of Dortmund fans sank again. The players in yellow and black clothes on the field showed no signs of winning. The more they kicked, the more anxious and chaotic they became.“Losing yourself” is always the most uncomfortable, and the fans are […]