Security hole found in Apple’s M1 chips, is it serious? | Lifestyle

One of the great virtues that communication devices usually have Apple is that they offer excellent security against hacker attacks. But this does not mean that everything is perfect and that there are no small holes in their products. One has just been found that affects your M1 processors and has the name PACMAN. One […]

What can mirrors do? |

Mirrors in a small apartment are an interior detail that helps to optically expand the spaces. However, due to the specifics of mirror reflection, a few details need to be known.The primary and most important function of the mirror is to show the viewer. However, its ability to reflect and create optical deception is also […]

Imanol Uribe: «Committed cinema has less and less space»

Archive image of the filmmaker Imanol Uribe. / COVER AUDIOVISUAL SERVICES The Spanish director, who has ‘They arrived at night’ on the billboard, will participate this Saturday in the Conference on the cinematographic profession He premiered his first feature film in 1979 and a few weeks ago the last one, ‘They arrived at night’. It […]

Casado promises “high intensity” reforms to get out “of the hole” on the left

Married and Feijóo, during the political act. / EFE / Video: atlas The leader of the PP opens the political course in Galicia with Núñez Feijóo, vindicates his “sense of state” and calls for the resignation of Marlaska for his “outrages” An idyllic meadow of hundred-year-old trees, a traditional meeting place and reference for legends, […]