Unique “home-made” Mid-Autumn Festival lights make netizens burst into laughter

To Mid-Autumn The event was not too boring, netizens created 1-0-2 lanterns for children to play at home, making everyone who saw it laugh and couldn’t stop laughing. moon light Extremely economical when making use of things in the house. Even if you can think of a Mid-Autumn Festival lantern with the “Dau” version like […]

Home remedies that can help you control uric acid levels – Health

When a person has high levels of uric acid in the body, this usually manifests as pain in the toes and thumbs that are quite annoying and can sometimes become severe. Uric acid forms crystals in the joints, for this reason, intense pain is felt in the extremities, so you should go to the doctor […]

QUIZ: Real names of celebrities are often a mystery. Bílá and Štěpnička changed it

The real names of celebrities are sometimes difficult even for their die-hard fans. Some chose a pseudonym for fame, others for much more practical reasons. For example, Jiří Štěpnička changed his name because of possible problems with the law. Would you know which names celebrities were born with? The TN.cz editors have prepared a fun […]

Step-by-step recipe: how to make homemade chocolates

Winter is synonymous with chocolate. Also a generous drink. But who can resist a rich chocolate, after lunch or dinner, or as a snack? The chocolates are sweet temptation. These small format delicacies can be bought, but they can also be made at home, without much effort. And they come out richer! Step-by-step recipe: how […]

Garlic Under Pillow | Home remedies to end cough and insomnia

He SHE It is one of the most well-known and recognized foods in world gastronomy and, although it has different weight in the kitchen depending on the country in question, it is an essential in the kitchens of half the world or, at least, of those with the greatest culinary tradition. have. This is the […]

The gas market has leveled off. If prices soar again, France and China will decide

This week, the International Energy Agency (IEA) presented a report on the current situation and developments on the gas market. Everything looks good so far, however, certain fluctuations cannot be ruled out in the future, for example due to the weather or the political situation in the world. This can also be reflected in prices […]