“Do you think we’re here on vacation?” Doctors abroad reject the call to return

“The current epidemic situation is not good and a wave of patients with a complicated course of covid-19 infection is pouring into our hospitals. The lack of qualified doctors and nurses is becoming more dangerous than missing hospital beds,” Kubek wrote. “As President of the Czech Medical Chamber, I would like to address all doctors […]

Retirees want reserved times in shops. They won’t, Prymula said

“Wouldn’t it be appropriate to reintroduce only two hours of shopping for retirees, but only for them? In my opinion, it would only be enough for one day a week, for example Thursday. Simply not every day, just give us the opportunity to shop for a whole week, for example. It would definitely be a […]

Ivan after the coronavirus at Gott’s grave: A widow’s touching message to the fans

Ivana Gottová thwarted quarantine plans. She had to postpone the ceremonial premiere of the documentary Charles and a visit to the Master’s grave. Last Thursday, on the anniversary of the singer’s death, fans showered him with candles and flowers. On Monday, the widow could see the place of the last rest of the eternal Nightingale […]

Czechs cannot go to 20 countries, Austria wants to limit Prague. GREAT OVERVIEW

Record increases in those infected in the Czech Republic complicate traveling abroad. There are over 26,000 active cases in the Czech Republic, and laboratories report over 1,000 to 2,000 cases per day. European countries monitor the development of the epidemiological situation in our country and take preventive measures. Which states have already made the entry […]

Václav Šorel, the author of famous cut-outs and comics, died

Václav Šorel originally made his living as a designer at Avia. In 1984, he joined the children’s magazine ABC and began creating popular cut-outs. He later became deputy editor-in-chief. He was also known for his writing and screenwriting activities, comics such as the Brain Riot, Operation Jericho or Galaxia belong to cult pieces in the […]

Horoscope for Friday, September 4: Love and common sense

Ram Today, you will be more deeply than usual and then you will tend to literally amaze the people around you. You do not pay attention to tact in communication, you are very direct. There is a risk of inattention mistakes at work, clients will soften you easily, be careful. Bull Today, a lot will […]

Cuba, medical powerhouse survives with home remedies

Lack of salbutamol spray causes you to be short of breath, which then reverses into a severe asthma attack. It’s probably a psychological problem. “Lately I have had to inject aminophylline to control my asthma. Asthmatics know our body like no one else. I, for example, go into crisis when there are weather changes, due […]