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The year is 1989: Manchester has been wiped off the map. The rainy and gray city of the north of England, which saw the birth of Joy Division and the Smiths, has been demolished, disintegrated, replaced by Madchester, silly twin, where ecstasy is swallowed by full handles and where the rhythm does not descends further […]

Switzerland approves sanctioning homophobia discrimination

Switzerland took a step further in social rights this Sunday. The Central European country approved in a referendum to include in the Penal Code discrimination based on sexual orientation as a crime comparable to racism by a margin of 63.1% in favor and 36.9% against. Specifically, Article 261bis of the Swiss legislation that typifies racism […]

Swiss homophobia referendum: right-wing populists rejected – taz.de

Swiss homophobia referendum In an encouraging vote, Swiss people demand that homophobic statements be punished. The Basic Law has some catching up to do. Signs of hope from Switzerland: homophobia will soon be punishable there Photo: Jiroe / Unsplash What is noteworthy about the Swiss vote for a future ban on homophobic statements is less […]

Swiss vote on law against homophobia

A poster in Geneva campaigns for the anti-homophobia law on which the Swiss vote on Sunday. Image: Reuters With the exception of the SVP, all major parties support the law against homophobia. Critics see their freedom of belief restricted. IIn Switzerland, citizens vote on a law against homophobia on Sunday. The referendum is about the […]

Homophobia worried in Qatar before the 2022 World Cup

Lebanese pop-rock group Mashrou’Leila was to participate in a debate around the language and the rhythm of the street at the American university Northwestern University in Qatar, but their coming was finally canceled. A decision made Tuesday, February 4 ” For safety reasons “ following hate messages posted on Twitter attacking the singer, Hamed Sinno, […]