Honda forwards the future with full hybrid E:HEV

Honda has developed driving technology to meet the needs of users in terms of performance. and continually saving energy The latest in hybrid technology This is a suitable choice for today’s practical applications. and is a technology that will connect to the future mobility Which Honda’s E:HEV full hybrid drive system can answer the question […]

Alex Marquez: Without Marc Marquez, Honda Lost

MOTOGP.COM Repsol Honda racer, Marc Marquez, in a press conference after qualifying for the Italian GP at the Mugello Circuit, Saturday (28/5/2022). BOLASPORT.COM – LCR Honda racer, Alex Marquez, assessed that Honda had difficulties without the presence of his brother, Marc Marquez, in the 2022 MotoGP. After debuting as a MotoGP racer in 2020, Alex […]

Honda boss refuses to be blamed for big sin, throws Dani Pedrosa to KTM

WHILE. MOTOGP Dani Pedrosa (while still with Repsol Honda) and Alberto Puig. BOLASPORT.COM – Repsol Honda Manager, Alberto Puig, again reviewed matters related to Dani Pedrosa’s departure to KTM after deciding to retire from MotoGP. The departure of Dani Pedrosa was branded as a ‘Big Sin’ for Honda where they released one of the most […]

We drove: Honda Civic 2022

The new Civic is wider and flatter than its predecessor The new Civic is wider and flatter than its predecessor Share a photo: The hood is made of aluminum, which makes it noticeably lighter The hood is made of aluminum, which makes it noticeably lighter Share a photo: The front overhang has increased, the rear […]

Totalbike – News – Twenty engines could fall victim to emissions standards

Not only car manufacturers but also motorcycle brands could be delicately affected by stricter emissions regulations. Incidentally, the categories for engines are different than for cars, and we are currently holding Euro 5 on our continent. In Japan, however, regulations are being tightened, with key elements adapted to European ones. This could end the careers […]

so gone or not? — Autoreview

Back in December 2020, Honda loudly announced its imminent exit from the Russian automotive market. However, official dealers of this brand are still working, and you can still buy new cars from them! Something went wrong? Honda is one of those companies that did not dare to localize production in Russia. If the organization of […]

Getting Rare, Hunting These 5 Rooster Motorcycles is like Looking for Treasure

loading… 5 rooster model motorcycles that are increasingly difficult to find. PHOTO/ TOKPED JAKARTA – If the rooster model motorbike is like Honda Sonic150R and Suzuki Satria FU are still easy to get and even still in production. READ ALSO – Sold for IDR 4.7 billion, this is an old Vespa that is hard to […]