History of the dismissal of a security guard in a Casablanca hospital

“I feel like we are easy-to-use, quick-to-throw tissues,” is how 40-something Mustapha Benkhalek describes his job as a security guard. For him, these agents are second-class employees, deprived of their most basic rights and are often threatened with dismissal. Mustapha considers himself to be an example of this job insecurity and the deterioration of working […]

the way is marked for a promising future

The aeronautical industry in Morocco is a sector that is following an accelerated pace towards unprecedented development. This is a tangible reality that is confirmed day after day in view of the profound changes experienced by this sector, which relies on cutting-edge technologies. A promising horizon, added value in terms of investments, this sector, which […]

The manufacturing industry anticipates an increase in production in the second quarter

The High Commission for Planning (HCP) unveiled on Thursday the results of the quarterly economic surveys it carried out in industry for the second quarter of 2022. It should be noted that these surveys were carried out among companies operating in the sectors of manufacturing industry, extractive industry, energy industry and environmental industry. From the […]

“Eternity”, a new step in Alpha Blondy’s roadmap

God has given us all a roadmap”, affirms the Ivorian singer Alpha Blondy, who has followed his by broadcasting for forty years the positive waves of a flamboyant and committed African reggae, as in his nineteenth studio record called ” Eternity”. The 69-year-old man of today has taken on a little old age, the goatee […]

A state decision with a strong strategic connotation

Pedro Sanchez has just reiterated Madrid’s support for the Moroccan autonomy plan for the Saharan provinces. According to him, the Rabat proposal is the “most serious, credible and realistic basis” for resolving “a conflict that is too long”, within the framework of the UN. He also specified that his government’s support represents a “State position” […]

A major breakthrough towards the quantum internet

Researchers have taken a key step towards an ultra-secure quantum internet, by creating a rudimentary network for exchanging information by three-time teleportation, they revealed in a study on Wednesday. A quantum internet – which should not see the light of day for ten years – will be a large-scale network connecting users via new applications […]

The confusing roadmap

The reform of the national education system looks like an endless project. Indeed, each supervisory minister aims to build it to his own taste by shaving what his predecessor did. Chakib Benmoussa is no exception. He has just concocted his own vision of reform which wipes the slate clean of previous reform plans. This is […]

The Finnishization of Asia

“Finlandization” describes the commitment to strategic neutrality that a small country might take, in order to avoid provoking a much larger and more powerful neighbour. The term is derived from Finland’s longstanding policy of strict military non-alignment with the Soviet Union or the West – a policy it maintained vis-à-vis Russia after the end of […]

New bloodbath during a police raid in a favela in Rio

At least 22 people were killed on Tuesday in a new bloody police operation in a favela in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), a year after the deadliest raid in the city’s history, which had already left 28 dead. At midday, the provisional toll of this raid in the Vila Cruzeiro favela stood at 11 dead, […]

New warm-up between France and Mali after months of high tension

The Malian junta accentuates the differences in its relationship with France and adds complexity, even risk, to the withdrawal of the French force Barkhane by denouncing the military cooperation agreements with Paris. Here are some elements that shed light on the Malian decision The authorities dominated by the military announced on Monday to denounce three […]