General practice at Martini Hospital continues without screening units for corona

Monday, July 6, 2020, 3:43 PM On Monday morning, the Martini Hospital and the Doksterdienst Groningen removed the screening units for the entrance to the GP emergency post and the emergency department. Patients are now asked indoors about any symptoms of corona. Questionnaires remain The hospital and the doctor’s service no longer need the containers; […]

In a coma because of the contraceptive pill

A young 19-year-old woman has been hospitalized for two months, unable to move and speak after having a thrombosis caused by the contraceptive pill. “My daughter is lying down, trapped in her own body,” says Stéphane St-Pierre. Her daughter Lydia has been fighting for her life since May 8 at the Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus in […]

Minister: Veils will be mandatory in some inpatient facilities

Updates: 03.07.2020 20:16 Released: 03.07.2020, 20:16 Prague – Veils will continue to be mandatory only in some medical and social facilities. From Saturday, they will remain only in hospitals, retirement homes and other selected social facilities. However, patients, social service clients and employees do not have to wear them if they are 1.5 meters away […]

Two other health workers died in Barranquilla due to possible COVID-19

Two other health workers in Barranquilla, the doctor Andrés Acevedo and the nursing assistant Delcy Talaigua, died – apparently – by COVID-19. The general doctor Andrés Roberto Acevedo, 58 years old, a Costa Rican national and who had been living and working in the city for 17 years, lost his life this Thursday after being […]

Hospital. More than 4,000 beds were abolished in 2018

Nearly 4,200 hospital beds were abolished in 2018 in France, where the number of maternities fell below the 500 threshold, while emergencies recorded 400,000 additional passages, according to a report published this Friday, July 3 by the Drees, the statistical service of social ministries. Ambulatory shift Bed closures continued in public and private health facilities, […]

School bus crashed into the house: driver and 6 children in hospital – Lower Austria

In Breitensee (Gänserndorf district) a bus driver got health problems while driving, crashed into a house with the vehicle. A serious traffic accident occurred between Breitensee and Marchegg in the early afternoon on Thursday. The driver of a school bus got health problems while driving, the bus collided with the wall of an apartment building. […]

Chaco: ventilators of critically ill patients with coronavirus turned off

They have not yet managed to find the author of the fact, it is not known if it was one or more people. The province’s attorney general, Jorge Canteros, confirmed that the complaint and the case are in charge of Prosecutor No. 6 of Roberto Villalba. “Respirators receive a regulated load of oxygen and compressed […]